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Oct 4, 2010 08:43 AM

Business trip in Philly Thursday PM: any recommendations on South St


Have a meeting in Philly on Friday AM, but staying over Thursday PM since the drive from Baltimore >PHL would be horrendous in the AM. Want to have a decent meal in the South Street area with great food and cocktails. Doesn't necessarily have to be high dollar, but I'm also not looking for a carry-out joint. AND this goes without saying: no franchise restaurants!

Thanks for the recs!

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  1. Assuming you mean the densely developed part of South St around 2nd St, check out this thread for ideas, it's the same area:

    I'll call out Southwark for especially excelling in both food and cocktails.

    Also, the area is only a few blocks from Old City, where you can hit Amada (tapas) and Zahav (modern Israeli), two of the best restaurants in the city. Both have interesting cocktail lists, as well.

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      my first thought was Southwark as well given the cocktail request.

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        Me too, but if your definition of 'cocktails' includes beer, I'd also suggest Brauhaus Schmitz as well.

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          BYO = not so good if cocktails are required for the traveler.