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Boudin Noir in Toronto?

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Does anyone know where I can purchase boudin noir in the Toronto area? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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  1. Cumbrae's on Church has it in the freezer. I've got a pack in my freezer at home, but haven't sampled it yet.

    481 Church St, Toronto, ON M4Y, CA

    1. Almost every loblaws and metro I see has it. Of course it's Maple Leaf Foods brand. I don't think I'd ever try it myself.

      1. I've gotten some from St Lawrence Market, (north market on a Saturday morning, south eastern corner along the east wall... I forget the name of the company). Not sure if they sell it every week, though.

        1. If you want to eat good boudin noir, Le Select Bistro has it as their Monday special served with caramelized apples and potato rosti.

          Le Select
          432 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5V1E3, CA

          1. I purchased boudin at Cumbrae at 481 Church St. It is in the frozen section BUT they make their own and then immediately freeze it. It is simply deelish!!!!! ENJOY!!! Soory I do not remember how much it cost as I re-packaged it when I got home. Google them and give them a call.

            481 Church St, Toronto, ON M4Y, CA

            1. No Frills on Centre St. (Thornhill) - They carry 2 diferent kinds. The Portuguese is the best one (IMO).

              1. I bought some a couple of months ago at Chabichou at Harbord & Borden. Don't know if they have it regularly but it was incredibly good, maybe the best I've ever had. I don't live anywhere near there which is why I'm not up to date on supply. Perhaps I'll make a special trip tomorrow, even if they don't have the boudin they always have fantastic cheese.

                Toronto, Toronto, ON , CA

                1. ... by the way fresh REAL Boudin Noir does not last more than about a day so it HAS to be frozen if you want it conveniently sold to cook at your leisure!
                  This is not unlike real calf's-brain Weisswurst from Bavaria... nothing you can buy here at the deli counter in those plastic 'sausage packs' is even comparable. Weisswurst is traditionally eaten within hours of being made, preferably as a Brunch meal with a good fresh Laugen Brezel and some refreshing Weissbier.

                  1. The Cumbrae Farms Boudin Noir is delicate and fragrant, you can prick the fragile skin and gently cook it over cast iron and some fat for 20 minutes.

                    I took CF's Boudin Noir out of the skin, so it just crumbled in the pan with the sauteed onions which was NOT a bad thing. Lightly browned the 'pudding' with some butter and olio, turning it and adding salt and pepper, then near the end finished with a scoop of top-quality Filsingers apple sauce. Ate this heavenly hash scooped over some toasted white breads between tart delicious gulps of Pink Rabbit Gamay-Vidal from the vintners in Waupoos, ON.

                    Will try Cumbrae's version sausage again with sauteed onion and apple slices, incorporating slices of potato first boiled in chicken stock then finished on the pan. Classic elements.