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Oct 4, 2010 08:15 AM

Shabat in Las Vegas

I'll be staying on the Strip in Las Vegas, and would like to have food delivered from shabat. I see some discussion of Kosher on the Go on the site, but there seem to be a bunch of other kosher restaurants in the area. Any recommendations regarding those restaurants, especially the ones that deliver shabat meals? Thanks!

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  1. We stayed in an extended stay hotel with a kitchenette near the Strip and bought takeout from either Smiths or Albertson's, (can't remember but they are both good) in the Fort Apache/Rampart neighborhood to the west. We had our car.

    We davened at Shaarei Tefilla. There is an eruv in that part of town but our hotel was just outside of it. The hotel was well aware of Shabbat requirements. We got the hotel recommendation from the shul.

    The shul was small but warm and the rabbi ended up inviting us for lunch.

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      We bought takeout from Albertson's. They had a nice size selection of prepared food, as well as a nice sized kosher wine section and some packaged bakery items.

      There was a dairy restaurant across the street (can't recall the name) that we had brunch at before we picked up the takeout. I'm sure if you wanted something dairy or a salad you could have it packed up to go. Not sure if they would deliver though.

      The car worked out well because we paid about $7/day to rent it and the hotel did not charge for valet parking.

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          When we were there in Summerlin they had a Smith's with a big sign outside "the Kosher experience"! Tons of great take out and other kosher food, all in one section of the store. There was a Chabad near there under construction which I'm sure has been complete for some time. We rented a house through VRBO, much cheaper for a family of 5 than a hotel on the strip and had a full kitchen. We bought loads of foil pans and paper goods and it was so great.

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            I can't find any deals like that on a rental car, maybe because I'm trying to book too close to the date of travel...

            1. re: SimonF

              We booked the car only a week or two before we travelled. I believe the company was National. At the car rental in the airport, they had a 30 minute wait on line, but it was definitely worth it. We were able to drive to Albertson's and the dairy restaurant sevetal times without worrying about taxis.

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                Did you try Costco? I get amazing car rental deals through them.

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