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Oct 4, 2010 07:31 AM

One day/night in Trastevere

I'm taking my husband for his first trip abroad since he was a little kid. And am looking to identify a couple tasty places for Sunday meals later this month in Trastevere. Lunch and dinner. Or snacks and a big meal at whatever point. I've never been to Rome (and we are heading out the next day for the country). But I would like my husband's first meals to be tasty -- he hates flying, so this trip is a huge favor to me. Not necessarily fancy or anything, but delicious. Part of my problem is that when I have jetlag I become mellow to the point of lacking sensible gut perceptions about restaurants I encounter while walking around. While it makes me a pretty easygoing travel companion, I'm afraid I won't be reliable at picking good places. We are staying here: Via della Fonte dell'Olio, 8, 00153, Roma

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  1. Especially since it's your first time in Rome, don't get hung up on Trastevere. The Tiber isn't that wide. You can walk across a bridge and have lots more choice. And don't worry about walking around sniffing places out. You will want to reserve. Somebody will undoubtedly suggest Roma Sparita, which is in Trastevere, however. Paris too. Sunday evening you can have pizza at any number of places.

    1. Spent 10 days recently in Rome and LOVED has a "real" neighborhood feel to it. I think Enoteca Trastevere on Via della Lungaretta is a great spot for glasses of wine, small plates, and people watching (lots of outside seating).

      There some great pizza at the corner of Via di San Francesco a Ripa and Via della Cisterna...I believe it's called Pippi 96.

      There are also quite a few restaurants in the Santa Maria square. I ate at a couple and while I don't remember the food, the setting is awesome...especially when the sun is going down and the buildings in the square are bathed in gold.