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Oct 4, 2010 07:24 AM

Anywhere to go for classic cocktails in Chester County

I'm not talking about Martini Bars. I'm talking about a bar that's nicely stocked, fresh juices vs. mixes, knowledgeable bartenders etc. etc.

A place that serves dinner or little plates would be preferred.

Does such a place exist?

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  1. Teca in West Chester might come close what you're looking for. I'd describe it as "Italian Tapas." Although I can't speak personally to the stocked bar, I do know they have a very well-stocked wine cellar, with a great selection of wines available by the glass. http://www.tecawine.com/index.php?opt...

    1. I have not been there yet, but someone told me recently about The Virginville Hotel, in Virginville, PA. Never knew such a town existed. In reviewing the menu, it's old style American food like restaurants served in the '60's or earlier. I am sure the bar is the same way. May not be Chester County per se, but shouldn't be too far from there.

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        I lean more towards good beers than cocktails, so I can't be much help to the OP, but I do know this: Virginville is north of Reading, about 50 miles from West Chester! (It might not be unreasonably far if you live in extreme NW ChesCo, say, Elverson, but otherwise...)

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          I looked it up because I'd never heard of Virginville -- I thought, just from the name, it was up in Lancaster County -- but it's waaaay up there in Berks, much closer to Allentown than to West Chester. That's quite a distance to travel for a proper cocktail!

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            You'd have to figure it would be pretty far removed from Intercourse, PA.

            Ooops . . . Did I just write that out loud??? Sorry, couldn't resist;)

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              Maybe closer to Blue Ball, eh?

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                Yes, but pretty far from Fertility, PA?

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                  I'd never heard of Fertility before! What was it with the Lancaster County Founding Fathers????

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                Well even though I was way outside of Chester County, at least I piqued your interest and made a few of you smile with the name of the town. I agree with smobron's recommendation below - Four Dogs Tavern is a wonderful place. We had dinner there this past Saturday, after canoeing on the Brandywine. What a great place. Their outdoor patio is really nice. They allow dogs and we saw many different breeds - all very well behaved. They have a fire pit and chimineas which adds to the ambience, along with the twinkle lights on the trees. Our server's name was Cynthia and she was wonderful. Be sure to ask for her table if you go. As far as entree recommendations - the Seven Hour Slow Cooked Pork was very good.

          2. Eek. Yeah, don't think I'll be driving out past Reading. This is for a moms night out, not for a weekend getaway. ;)
            And I'm not interested in beer or wine. I think it's fairly easy to find good selections of those two things out here where I am. Real cocktails, however, are hard to come by -- hence my post here!

            1. fresh juice may be hard to come by but as far as a drink .....the 4 Dogs is a really good bar for cocktails , tight bar inside , large outside area and decent size resaurant , staff pours a stiff drink , if you sit at the bar you will see most of the character and characters of Chester County stroll thru.....................

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                Hey... watch who you're calling a character! :)

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                  I was a quasi-regular at Four Dogs way back when; sounds like I need to get back there!

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                    It sure gets an A+ for Chester County charm -- a great place to hang out.

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                    Nothing about cocktails on the menu at 4 Dogs. Is it mostly a wine/beer bar or also good for mixed drinks?
                    The menu DOES look awesome!

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                      When we were there this past weekend, my sister-in-law ordered a Pineapple Upside Down Cake Martini that she said was really good. They don't have a drink menu, but can make any type of cocktail and I am sure they can suggest some to your liking. If Cynthia is working the night you go, she will take good care of you.