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Oct 4, 2010 06:47 AM

Looking for early pre theatre Sunday dinner

Going to see Jersey Boys at the Forrest Theatre on Sunday night . Show starts at 6:30 so I am looking for a restaurant within walking distance for an early dinner. Any suggestions?

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  1. A few come to mind. Estia has a nice three course pre theatre meal. Amis wouldnt be that far, and you should be able to get a table around 5pm. Zavino wouldnt be that far either and has a nice selection of pastas and pizzas.

    1. Giorgio on Pine (13th and Pine), BYOB

      1. Sampan on 13th st for delicious asian small plates in a cool looking atmosphere

        1. Ernesto's 1521 Cafe (1521 Spruce) is very close to the theater. It's a small place (in the cozy sense, not in the really loud and annoying sense) with good Italian food (and amazing Tiramisu!)

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            ahh- I have always wanted to try when walking by, thanks for reminding me