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Oct 4, 2010 06:39 AM

Pig Roast?

My groom to be and I are hoping to celebrate our marriage with a pig roast next spring. We're still shopping around at venues but went to the bluegrass pig roast at Codman Community Farm in Lincoln yesterday (TW Foods chef cooked the pig/fixens -- for $5/couple!) and fell in love.

However, having gone to a few pig roasts before...I'd like something a little more creative than the standard corn bread, mayo slaw, etc. We're hoping for some good veggie sides, roasted birds and table full of pies in addition to the pig. I'm wondering if there is a chef who we could convince to take on the party or if there is a caterer who can do more than just your standard BBQ.

Any hounds have any ideas? We're also thinking beer (craft kegs), wine and Pimm's cups...So we can do a lot of that DIY.

Suggestions would be welcome. We want to focus on good, local, fresh amazing food.

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  1. Funny you should mention this; Tim (T.W. Food chef) catered my wedding ~7 years ago. We even had Pimm's cups!

    I can't speak for his availability these days, but he was interested and able to put together a fabulous meal for about ~175 of us. We found him to be very flexible and creative.

    1. one idea might be to do the pig separately. Quik-Pic BBQ on Beach st does whole roast suckling pig for $125 iirc and i find their crispy pig to be more reliably crispy/succulent than Hong Kong eatery. they also do roast ducks/chickens etc.

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        correction: $138 for 10 lb baby pig, 24 hr notice. This is much cheaper than Hong Kong eatery (who use bigger pigs at a higher per pound price)