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Oct 4, 2010 06:30 AM

Mueller's in just "Meh"

Wanted bbq and it was already 11:30 by the time we decided, so we figured there'd be at least a 45 minute wait and they could be out of stuff at Franklin's, so we did the now short (tollroads) trip to Muellers.

What a disappointment. When we got there the line snaked all the way in a loop back to the counter, so the wait ended up in line almost an hour. We got the last of the pork ribs and, as always, over-ordered so we'd have plenty of leftovers. I remembered that I didn't much care for their coleslaw, but ordered the potato salad, as I've always loved the super-mustardy stuff...they'd changed the recipe to a now mayo base...blech.

As for the meat, which is the main reason for going, it was VERY under-seasoned...bland, blah and expensive. We got three different kinds of meat and the only thing that had any flavor whatsoever was the jalapeno sausage.

I'm afraid we won't be making that trek again unless someone tells me they've changed back. Pity, as it's what I would say is a Texas bbq tradition.

On the up side, as long as I get moving early enough, Franklin's is da bomb...

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  1. Sad indeed amysue. Ironically enough, the pit at Franklin's that Erin uses is the old (but now hot rodded) John Mueller pit from his long gone Manor Rd and Bastrop business attempts. A remnant of the Mueller family feud. Erin ran the counter for John and helped out in the pit. He certainly has some skills. Franklin's has taken over as what many think is the best bbq in town. And unlike his too often grouchy former mentor, he couldn't be nicer. Tastes as if Erin and his pit are giving some of the 30-60 min away destinations some good competition (waiting in line doesn't save time, but saves gas).

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    1. re: slowcoooked

      I hate to be That Guy, but it's Aaron (Franklin), not Erin.

      1. re: bookgrrl72

        And Franklin, not Franklin's.

        *Oh, I've been wanting to do that forever! It feels so good!*

        Kreuz, not Kreuz's.

        *Ah, it's like finally scratching that itch you couldn't reach.*


    2. Couldn't disagree more. We went about a month ago and had a wonderful lunch. The brisket was well-seasoned and had one of the best smoke rings I've ever seen. It was tender and very flavorful. The regular sausage remains my favorite around. We have been several times since Bobby passed on and it remains a worthy trip for us.

      1. Was just in there a couple of weeks ago and found the burnt ends to be very flavorful with black pepper, but the sliced brisket that was served, not as much. Odd, because we were given a couple of slices while waiting in line and they had a big black pepper flavor punch. The pork ribs had no more flavor than the white bread alongside. ehhh...... The jalapeno sausage had a good snap on the casing, but also no wow! factor on flavor.

        Smitty's down the road was much better - leaner brisket but still moist and lots of natural beefy, smoke flavor.

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        1. re: blynk

          We got both types of pork ribs, chicken and the jalapeno sausage. True, the burnt end he gave us tasted fine, but we didn't get any other brisket. Sausage was good but very greasy (as remembered) and the ribs/chicken had absolutely no flavor at all.

          1. re: blynk

            That's funny. I was at Smitty's Saturday wishing I had gone to Mueller's :)
            So-so brisket and the sausage was underwhelming as well.

            1. re: NWLarry

              I was torn even saying anything, cuz now the line at Franklins will be all that much longer...

              1. re: amysuehere

                There were rumors awhile back that Franklins was going to open a full restaurant. Anyone know anything?

                (And to add to the consensus, Franklin's has the best brisket I've had in central Texas)

                1. re: heyzeus212

                  I emailed them. Not anytime soon, it sounds like. They said they're "taking it one day at a time".

                  I know it's a small trailer and such, but if they hired one more slicer and maybe had a pre-order taker at the front of the line (maybe with a calculator to give total cost, and have customers be ready with amount at the checkout), kinda a-la Rudy's, the line might not be so awful and it wouldn't be a dramatic change to rock the boat.

                  However, seating is just barely keeping up with the pace of the line as it is...hmmm. It's a di-lemma...

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. We went for lunch today and I'm with brentwood in that I haven't noticed any decline or change. We had fatty and lean brisket and both were tender and smokey with plenty of salt & pepper rub. The regular sausage tasted like it always had (flavored like the Lockhart sausages). The pork ribs were pretty moist and smokey but had no rub.

              Franklin's is good bbq, but I don't see it being any better or worse than Smitty's or Mueller's.

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              1. re: Carter B.

                We were at Smitty's this past Saturday. Sausage was still great (can't beat that snappy casing) and pork ribs were barky and tender and seasoned well. But this is Texas BBQ, and their brisket was drier and less flavorful than even the last time I went. Snow's in Lexington and Franklin BBQ's beef brisket is tiers above Smitty's brisket (the version I had Saturday).