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Oct 4, 2010 04:45 AM

St Pancras or Bedford Square [London]

I've searched Chowhound but am not convinced by the results. Anywhere good to have lunch near Bedford Square or St Pancras? Maybe Indian?

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  1. For Bedford Square, search for 'Goodge' or 'Charlotte Place'. Those are neighboring streets that have been mentioned here many times.

    For St. Pancras, search also 'King's Cross'.

    1. There's a little French place near Bedford Square called Savoir Faire, on New Oxford Street. I've only been for dinner but the set lunch looks very reasonable.

      1. St Pancras Grand - Oyster Bar. In the St Pancras train station. Serves wonderful British dishes and oysters.

        1. There is a few indians on Drummond street behind Euston and the Indian YMCA on fitzroy square.
          Diwana does a great dosa but buffet is variable.
          Marchmont street has a bhel poori house which is reliable buffet and cheap - nothing special though.