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Oct 3, 2010 10:33 PM

Next Iron chef [spoiler]

Did I miss the thead? Is nobody going to post anything? Ming Tsai is on it!

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  1. I was surprised to see Ming Tsai on the show, but accolades for his willingness to lay it all out there. I hope he wins. I think he would be an excecptional Iron Chef.

    1. Wow -- Ming, certainly, is the one to beat. There's no question about that. And, given it's HIM, I can see curls of smoke rising from every other chef's head.

      The other cheftestant who impressed me was the Indian woman with the turkey. I'd never heard of her before last night.

      I'm also gunning for Dumont (is Mary her first name?) because, like Ming, she's local :)

      The other cheftestants are a blur to me right now. I've got that same "lost" feeling I have with the beginning of every Top Chef season, so I'll wait a couple more weeks before actually posting something concise :)

      1. I have mixed feelings. I would love to see Ming Tsai win, because he'd probably be a great iron chef. But it hardly seems fair to the other contenstants to be competing against someone who has already spent so much time cooking on camera.

        1. These are my first impressions on the contestants so far and I realize they're based only on the short snippets we've gotten to see so far:

          Ming Tsai--He is not just "the one to beat" because he has done so much in front of the camera but he's also one helluva chef.

          Marco Canora--looks like really good Iron chef material but oozes ego and attitude.

          Maneet Chauhan--I liked her cooking but wonder if cuisine so focused in the tastes of India could make Iron Chef. We're getting more and more used to Indian food in America but it's still where sushi was 15-20 years ago.

          Duskie Estes-- Nice lady but her cuisine is WAY too plain jane--not IC material. She only stayed last night because the other guy was worse by a hair.

          Celina Tio-- This lady really, really needs to lighten up. She looks like a deer in headlights, but not because of fear. She's so intense and serious you'd think her winning or losing meant she could or couldn't keep her children. Evidently an occasional smile is not in her repratoire.

          Marc Fargione-- My personal favorite. I think he has a good balance between skill, personality, camera presence, and creativity. He's good, he knows it, but doesn't have the snobbery of Marco.

          The other 3 didn't get enough camera time for me to make much of an assessment.

          1. Why do we need another "Next Iron Chef" competition? They hardly ever use the latest new chef, Jose Garces.

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              Because it's wonderful to see such talented professionals competing - and treating each other with appropriate respect (mostly). I'd watch it even if there was no prize to be won at all, just to see what they do with the challenges.