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Oct 3, 2010 09:34 PM

North fork restaurant, please help me track down.

Hi, I know this sounds crazy but I am going to try anyway.

My husband and I remember a restaurant when we visited a town in North fork of LI. The town had a main st (by the water). As we drove out of town along the main road,not far from the main st, going uphill, we saw a beautiful restaurant on the right side (single story, flowers outside, old fashioned).

If this sounds familiar to anybody please help me. I am trying to do something special for my husband.


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  1. it might be in Sag harbor..the restaurant looked like a house..

    1. There are only two towns on the North Fork that have Main Streets by the water and those would be Greenport and Orient . However, it would be extremely doubtful that it would be Orient since there are few places to eat. Most likely it was Greenport, but that's as far as I can narrow it down. Restaurants change fairly frequently on the North Fork, so it would be helpful to know how long ago this might have been.

      1. Were you on Shelter Island?

        1. Legends Restaurant in New Suffolk?

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            Legends is pretty far from the main street...

          2. You must have been in Greenport if you could see water from Main Street. There was a crepe restaurant in an old house on the right heading out of town but it is now closed. A little further out of town was the Shady Lady inn/restaurant (originally called Porky's); it is now called the Portly Grape. I haven't eaten there...... yet. Hope this helps

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              The Portly Grape was what I was trying to think of. I think that may be it, depending on when they saw it.

              1. re: roxlet

                Hi, It was not the Portly grape... much smaller.. I am pretty sure the town was Sag harbor ( i spent some time looking at maps. google last night)..

                So does that help?

                Heading out of town from the main area, drive is a bit uphill, restaurant on the right.. candlelit, flowers, very cozy and upscale, small..

                  1. re: suetibu

                    If it's Sag Harbor, then it is not the North Fork! I was waiting for coll to weigh in on this...

                    1. re: roxlet

                      And I was waiting for it to move to the South Fork! LOL the description sounds like half the places out here, north and south.

                      The biggest hill I can think of is where 114 turns up towards Easthampton. If you don't turn, just past there is Tutto il Giorno, across from the water with great view of the yachts, I guess it's on the outskirts of town, although really still in it. And it's a cute little house with flowers and grapevines, serving overly upscale Italian (think $30 for a plate of pasta).... that could be it.

                      I found a picture

                      Going up the hill there is nothing like described, just a few very casual places. Like a bar and a Mexican shop.

                      1. re: coll


                        According to NY times, it opened in May 2007 so this puts it within our timeline.. Thank you.. We'll drive out this weekend to find out..


                        1. re: suetibu

                          Hope that's it, it's the only upscale place outside of Main St that I can think of, which is one story etc. I love solving a good mystery!

                          1. re: suetibu

                            Please report back and let us know if it's the place. coll is usually right!

                            1. re: roxlet

                              I will. Thank you for taking the time.

                              1. re: roxlet

                                Thanks for the kind words. I will relay them to my husband ;-)

                                That burrata looks mighty good to me.

                                1. re: coll

                                  Yeah, that's right! Tell him I said so!