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Oct 3, 2010 08:32 PM

Portuguese restaurant

Hello. I will be in Newport, R.I. in a few weeks and I would like to eat in a Portuguese restaurant in the area that also has Fado music. Can someone suggest a place to go? Thanks.

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  1. Yes. New Bedford or Fall River. ....And bring the music on your ipod.

    1. Sagres in Fall River has live Fado Fridays and Saturdays. Estrela do Mar in East Providence also presents live Fado (and is famous for some of the artists who have sung there), but I don't believe it is fixed or year round like Sagres (you should call). For community banquets often with Fado, they are often listed in the billingual Portuguese times and the UMass Dartmouth Portuguese department does a lot of cultural events (including, but far beyond, Fado) -- I think they have a mailing list, but maybe if you email the secretary of the department they could provide info.

      Sagres Restaurant
      177 Columbia St, Fall River, MA 02721

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          I've always liked Estrela do Mar but haven't been for awhile. Memorable grilled quail marinated in garlic!