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Oct 3, 2010 08:31 PM

Ocean House, Croton

Went in on a Sunday night and had a dozen of the oysters to start. All of them were amazing, the servers were spot on with regard to what was present on the chalkboard. I then had the gazpacho with Maine crab meat, which was very elegant and refreshing. For entree's my wife had the scallops in a mustard sauce and I had the monkfish. Both were delightful, however we wre less than impressed with the flavor of the vegetables. For dessert we tried the creme brulee and it was a mess, which they comped us for.

Zagat gave this place a 28 on food which puts them on par with Blue Hill. In no way is this food even close to a 28. 24 at best. i would go back however and eat as much oysters as the chef will allow.

Ocean House
49 N Riverside Ave, Croton On Hudson, NY 10520

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  1. Agree completely with you on the rating... and their no reservation policy is ridiculous. I'd be happy to leave a card number in case of no show. Who wants to stand out in a line at 5pm like supplicants to some holy altar of food, only to be told to come back at 8pm? Phooey.

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      The no reservations policy is the #1 reason I haven't tried this place yet.

    2. Ocean House is "our" little gem. It's really a wonderful neighborhood place and the no-reservation policy helps keeps it that way. That, however, isn't their reason for the no res. policy. With such a limited number of tables even one or two no-shows would put a big hit on the night's profits. In addition, it really is a mom-and pop operation. The cost of paying someone to take reservations would also diminish what little profits such a small place makes. That said, we love it just the way it is.

      Ocean House
      49 N Riverside Ave, Croton On Hudson, NY 10520

      1. My husband and I had a great meal on a random Thursday a couple of weeks ago. I was so put off about the no reservations thing that we'd never been but on this particular weeknight they were completely empty, which may have had something to do with the fact that it was frigid outside. Only two other couples showed up over the next couple hours so it was a nice, intimate dinner. They tucked us in the corner and opened a bottle of wine we'd been saving from our trip to California, chilling it to the perfect temperature (I hadn't chilled it enough and we noticed an improvement in the flavor as they got it to the correct temperature).

        The food was excellent, and while I'm not sure if I'd call it destination worthy, this is a great local gem. The clam chowder was as good as mentioned in the Times, creamy but not overly thick, studded with copious amounts of fresh clams. The sardines, dressed with little more than lemon juice and olive oil, transported us back to Spain. Main courses were trout with a beurre blanc and mushrooms, and a gingery spice encrusted tuna cooked rare, both accompanied by impressively fresh tasting (for February!) veggies. We devoured both, finished our wine, and found a little room for their coffee ice cream parfait, which came piled with salted caramel and mountains of fresh whipped cream.

        Service was friendly and appropriately (not overly) attentive, and we were encouraged to linger.

        While I don't think I'd venture here on a weekend, I will certainly be back on a weeknight.