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Oct 3, 2010 06:11 PM

Roadtrip from San Diego to Los Angeles

I am going to be going on a road trip with a friend of mine from San Diego to Los Angeles over a course of 3 days in the middle of October. Looking for suggestions for great places to eat along the way. Both of us really like excellent food; Price not an issue. If you have suggestions for lodging or even ideas for how you would structure this trip, I am open to suggestions.

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  1. If you have suggestions for places to stop in San Diego County, please respond on this thread:

    As always, please keep discussion chowy. General travel ideas and lodging discussion is off topic on Chowhound

    1. You are aware that San Diego to Los Angeles by car is only about a two hour trip, if you are traveling via the coast you will be traveling through areas that are covered by the San Diego board and this board (L.A.)? If you are traveling via the inland route, you would also be passing through Riverside County which is discussed on the California board, and it is still about a two or two and a half hour trip.

      If you plan to meander on this trip, you might want to figure out what specific points of interest along the way that you might want to see, then ask for specific recommendations for those areas on the appropriate board. Before asking about food here, you might want to consider visiting a travel site to identify points of interest, routing, and lodging options, then you can be a bit more specific about where you will be looking for food here.

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        I thought maybe they were riding bicycles? Otherwise they might be ticketed for impeding the flow of traffic. ;-D>