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Oct 3, 2010 06:10 PM

Liederkranz cheese?

Any place (s) in the Los Angeles area where we might buy Leiderkranz cheese?
I've seaarch several cheese specialty shops, but no luck!

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  1. Hello! I don't know from recent experience, and it's not on the Web site, but I'd suggest Cheese Store of Beverly Hills.

    Good luck!

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    1. re: kauma

      ... Or contact the very helpful Jenny Knotts at the new Wally's Cheese Box ( ). Liederkranz is supposedly available only in the Midwest and on the East Coast, but I'll bet Jenny can get some for you (as well as a clothes-pin to protect your nose ;-).


      1. re: Harry Niletti

        Thanks, HN. I will try there. I did read on the DCI site that the mid-West and East have distributors. Was hoping, closthespin, on nose, that there was a store here in Pasdena area or L. A.

    2. Leiderkranz is identical to Limburger cheese which can be found at Schreiner's Meats in Montrose. I've also seen it at the Vons store in La Canada.

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        Here's a little more information on Liederkranz from the company that now makes it:


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