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Oct 3, 2010 03:44 PM


Hey guys,

I'm looking for a place that sells chocolates - the good kind. Expensive ones that will make your eyes pop open at the price but close once you take a bite cause they're so sinfully good. I'm talking Neuhaus, Godiva, Leonidas, Cote d'Or... or even really good local chocolates. I'm looking for truffles, or what the Belgians call pralines.

Places I've been:
Sucre- while the gelato is pretty good, and I love their macarons, the chocolates are so-so...
Lolli's Chocolates- most of their stuff is focused on molds (congratulations on your new baby, here's a chocolate balloon!), and their chocolate is just too sweet for me
Blue Frog's Chocolates- so I only tried one from here, and I'm willing to go back if people say it's amazing, but the truffle I had was definitely not amazing

When the weather gets a little cooler around here I might consider getting them shipped, but I'd rather find a local source. Any ideas?

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  1. Check out the truffles at Bittersweet Confections on Canal Boulevard.

    And there's a Godiva shop in Lakeside Mall, if you can't find what you're looking for locally made.

    1. I was just walking through the Quarter today and saw a sign for a new shop called “The Sweet Palate”. This is a new location from their shop in Manhattan which carries chocolate from World Champion Oriol Balaguer. I have had his chocolates when I was in Spain and they are amazing ( Too bad they are not opening till May, as the Mascleta piece with the Pop-Rocks inside is perfect for Mardi Gras. Will definitely be checking them out once they open –

      1. Although mail order, I have sent large gift boxes of these and gotten raves. The fillings are unique, tasting exactly as described. Just a head's up; S&H is expensive.

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          I believe that Blue Frog carries Norman Love chocolates too!

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            Not according to their website. Godiva stores used to carry a small selection of gift boxes for Valentines Day. Love chocolates are dated with a 3 week shelf life, so they must sell quickly. They only ship Fed Ex 1 or 2 day, with gel packs.

        2. I grew up in Chicago where Fannie May candy shops were ubiquitous. The chocolates used to be made fresh in the local shops but that era is long past. In our family the chocolates were pretty much reserved for special occasions, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas, so much so that in my mind they are part of the holiday tradition.

          This past year I did a lot of shopping on-line and sent about a dozen boxes of Fannie May candy as Christmas gifts, including two pounds of my favorite dark-chocolate creams to myself. They were every bit as good as I remembered them and were a real hit with my holiday guests. As a bonus, the company has been sending me e-mails with all kinds of offers for 50% off and free shipping. I've ordered a few more times and couldn't be more pleased.