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Oct 3, 2010 02:27 PM

Vanier college area eats?

I'm currently studying in Vanier and am looking for a decent lunch the neighboring area. My school diet currently consists of chinese food and packaged salads... Any suggestions? (Adonis is too far for me, sadly)

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  1. Most of your dining options are on Decarie, which has multiple Chinese eateries (Shing Do, Phenix d'Or, Kam Mon), Greek (Diogenes), Vietnamese (Ban Lo Thai + 2 others), Lebanese (Samirassa). Mexican (Iguanas Ranas), Japanese (Kejaki, Kyoto), Brasserie Unik, Pizza Pizza, and of course Decarie Hot Dog.

    You can also go to Tim Hortons in Norgate, or schlep a bit further west if you need to have the Golden Arches or the Colonel.

    This discussion on VSL is more complete:

    Decarie Hot Dog
    953 Boul Decarie, Saint-Laurent, QC H4L3M3, CA

    1. Here are a few to get you started: Kejaki for sushi, Fu Kam Wah and Phenix d'Or for more chinese, Ban Lao-Thai for thai/lao cuisine and Decarie Hot Dog for hot dogs and fries. These are all on Decarie, so a short walk from Vanier. There are other middle eastern places that you can check out, as well as Diogenes for standard greek fare, Iguanas Ranas ans M Enchilada d'O for mexican and a Moroccan cafe. Do a search for the specific addresses and have fun exploring.

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          DOA?? Dead on arrival? Sorry I don't follow. Do you mean they've closed?

          1. re: hungryann

            Dead on arrival. Last time I passed, one very large "à louer" sign and all the furniture missing.

      1. hi there, Vanier Student Alumi here.

        Fu Kam Wah is delicious, some of the best chinese food in Montreal. Try the Gno lam chaor mian(beef brisket fried noodle).

        The small "Asian Patisserie", serves exellent Cambogian style noodle, ask it "with dry, soup on the side, with a pice of fried bread". They also got great south east asian style siumai.

        Kyoto got decent sushi, decarie hotdog is great, Ottavio is average, Iguanas ranas is good.

        I don't remember anyone asking for food at the "brasserie" everytime I was there, but the beer is 4$-4.50$ last time I was there, pretty cheap.

        Chocomax got some nice desert.

        I know they are a few african and northen African restaurant in the area.

        have fun and good chow=)\

        EDIT: Crazy Falafel has good falafel, and Abu Elias has the best shish taouk in Montreal, hand down.

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        1. re: vanierstudent

          Where is this "Asian Patisserie"? It sounds great!

          1. re: karela

            If it's where I'm thinking, same side of Decarie, in the same strip of buildings as Cosmix and Diogenes, one or two doors south of Decarie Hot Dog.

            They once had a whole roast pig cooling in the doorway.

            Decarie Hot Dog
            953 Boul Decarie, Saint-Laurent, QC H4L3M3, CA

              1. re: wattacetti

                I looked it up on Google maps street view, is it called the Vinh Hing Patisserie? Any idea how late it is open in the evening?

                1. re: karela

                  Went by Vinh Hing late this afternoon(around 5:50pm), & it was already totally closed. They list outside their door as closely 6pm daily(except that it's closed on Tuesdays).

          2. the Arabic grocery store right across from Metro Cote Vertu makes grilled meat sandwiches and plates. Grillades Yasmine.

            By the same token Abu Elias across from Montpellier mall has the same though the walk is a bit further.

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            1. re: gerbera

              Not really, there a road connecting the D building and the N building that leads almost directly to Abu Elias.

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                Just started a new job around this 'hood, so good timing on this thread. Special thanks to gerbera for the Yasmine mention. Best Kafta I've ever had (but I have to try Adonis at Place Vertu now). Wouldn't have tried it otherwise.

                Also hit Decarie Hot Dog and their fries (by themselves) and poutine are some of the best I've ever had in this city.

                Anyone been to Cafe Zaza (shisha cafe), Au Vieux St-Laurent (Moroccan), or Tai Leung (Chinese)? They're all on my list after doing some "window shopping" (also another shisha & shawarma joint further away from Cote-Vertu, past/same side as Zaza - I forgot to write down the name).

                Decarie Hot Dog
                953 Boul Decarie, Saint-Laurent, QC H4L3M3, CA

                1. re: Shattered

                  Cafe zaza got some good Shisha (they refill the coals for free) and my friends like the food, but I personally never tried it. Its actually full of Vanier student all day long.

              2. The Vanier cafeteria isn't open anymore?

                My diet was the bagel VLT (Vanier's BLT) and poutine. Maybe a scoop of ice cream in a student-run store.