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Oct 3, 2010 12:34 PM

Slite problem? So often?

Can't get in ASK SUSHI MAN again and again and ................
Can you do something? Even me losing interest to get in my own blog.

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  1. It's not a problem with the site. The thread is very large, and some computers have a hard time opening such large Chowhound threads. We can't do anything to solve the problem, because it's an issue that resides on your computer.

    1. Please note, the "Ask Sushi Man" thread on Chowhound is not a "blog", Chowhound is a threaded discussion forum, not a blog. When you, or anyone else accesses "Ask Sushi Man", you are not being presented with discrete questions and answers, the web server is serving up one single, (very large) thread record with multiple sub-parts (your original "posting" and all subsequent "replies") to your computer. Before that huge package of data gets to your computer it has to be delivered to you via your ISP (the service provider for your internet connection) and is dependent upon how your computer is connected to your ISP (whether dial-up, DSL, Cable or other) and what maximum download rate it can process. Then after the data reaches your computer it has to placed in to a temporary memory cache, then processed by your computer and passed to your browser software (e.g. Internet Explorer, etc.) to display on your computer monitor. The speed that data is processed at each of these steps is going to have a direct impact on how long it will take to display on your monitor.

      None of the issues above are controlled by Chowhound, it is all up to you and your ISP.

      My recollection is that when you have raised this issue here in the past, that in addition to investigating "tuning up" your computer and internet connection, it may have been suggested that you investigate establishing your own actual blog. A blog you establish would not be hosted on Chowhound, you would use another (free) service such as or, I suggest you research "blogging". You also have established a Facebook page, do you realize that on your own Facebook page you have a tab that links to your own, discrete discussion forum for the Ask Sushi Man Facebook page. You could immediately support questions and answers on your Facebook page if you wish.

      Chowhound is not a "static" information resource, the discussions and discussion topics constantly evolve here. The value of Chowhound is not for its users to go to the "Ask Sushi Man" thread, or any other specific thread, for that matter, and scroll through hundreds of replies for answers to specific questions. The value of Chowhound is that anyone can post a question, by starting a new discussion topic by making a new thread posting at any time, then other Chowhounds who see the discrete thread topic will reply with answers or variations on the original question. However, if the original person who posted the initial question or any other person wants to post a discrete question, they can do so by starting a new thread topic. Through this method of constantly starting new discussions, the discussions are kept "fresh" and current. This also helps to insure that any given discussion thread topic does not grow to unmanageable size, such as the "Ask Sushi Man" thread. (I believe that if Chowhounds were polled, the majority would express that they would prefer NOT opening discussion topics with their browsers if they contain in excess of 100 replies to scroll through.)

      If you are really intent in sharing your knowledge about Sushi here, then may I suggest that the way to do it, with the most value and least amount of frustration is to keep an eye on the discussion threads on the General Topics board where sushi in general terms is discussed, and participate in those threads as appropriate. You could also periodically begin discrete new sushi related discussion threads on the General Topics board if you have information you would like to share with the Chowhound community.

      I know your participation here is appreciated by other users, but it might make things a lot less frustrating all around, if you just allow the "Ask Sushi Man" thread to become more or less dormant and just begin or participate in other, discrete, new discussion threads. You can always start an "Ask Sushi Man 2" thread, etc.

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      1. re: ChinoWayne

        CW, you possess a vast amount of patience. and that's a compliment FWIW.

        1. re: hill food

          Thanks, I only hope that it was not for naught.

        2. re: ChinoWayne

          WOW CWayne, intensely technical but simple folk understandable. And darn, way people plus!!!!

            1. re: bigtuna27

              I am nominating this as the best "counter point" post of the year. ;-D>