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Oct 3, 2010 12:33 PM

Bakeries in Delaware or close too it for cupcakes, sweets etc

I would like to find a good bakery. I'm looking to get cupcakes, cake balls, gourmet sweets. I want them to look elegant and classy. It's for a baby shower. I'm hoping to find a place in Delaware or even a little bit out of Delaware if its worth the trip. So, if anyone knows of any good places please tell :-)

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  1. I love Cupcake Heaven on 202. Don't judge them by their waaay out of date website. The cupcakes are to die for!

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    1. re: jessicheese

      Really? I don't find anything special about their cupcakes. Way too much frosting is one issue I have with them. And like RC51Mike says, not that wide of a selection for a place that specializes in them.

      1. re: scoopG

        Do you think CH uses box mix for their cupcakes? I think that every time I have one.

    2. It would help if we knew whereabouts in Delaware are you looking? Wilmington, Newark, Middletown, Dover, Rehoboth, etc.? I assume you don't want to drive over an hour or two to find what you're looking for.

      1. Haven't been to the one in Fairfax in a while. Wasn't impressed, mostly due to the dearth of actual cupcakes in the display case but, things might have changed. The place in Hockessin whose name escapes me, gets good reviews. On Old Lancaster Pike behind the Wawa?

        Actually I'm not a cupcake kind of guy anyway. I really don't get the fuss over a cupcake. Just a small cake, right? Maybe someday someone can explain it to me.

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          The place in Hockessin is Liz Marden. They do have good items, but its overpriced and unfortunately they use a box mix for all of their cakes and cupcakes. If you wanted a shape cake or a specialty item, this would be a good choice if you were willing to shell out a lot of clams.

          1. re: in bocca

            I have not been impressed with the items at Liz Marden for the most part. It seems like they focus their efforts on weddings and catering other events. Every time I go in there to give them a "second chance" I wind up being disappointed and not eating most of what I purchased.

            Nobody has mentioned Sweet Somethings Desserts on Union St. in Wilmington. They have a chocolate silk cake that is worth every calorie:

            And Serpes in Elsemere has great traditional cakes with buttecream icing and petit fours. It's an old-school Italian syle bakery that does what it does well.

            I know there is a cupcake place in Malvern that does very fancy cupcakes for bridal showers, etc., that look very fancy and presentable. I can get the name of the place if you want...

            1. re: bluehensfan

              Right below here someone did mention Sweet Somethings. I love their cakes and when I bring one in to the office it's a big deal. Have to order the chocolate mousse cake a couple days in advance because they don't make them every day.

              Not ever a fan of Cannon's although a lot of people love them. Plain old cake with "five gallon drum of spackle" frosting. But that's me.

              1. re: RC51Mike

                Oops! Missed the Sweet Somethings post...thanks for bringing it to my attention. I agree about their white chocolate raspberry's phenominal.

                I also concur with your comment about Cannon's cakes. The cake itself is fine but the icing is not all that tasty...seems like you can go to the Ack-a-me and get the same tasting stuff.

        2. My choice for cupcakes in Northern DE would be SAS Cupcakes in Newark on Main St. ( -- just cupcakes, very cute designs, delicious, moist cake and good -- if a bit too much -- frosting, also not as monstrous as some of the super-sized -- and usually dry -- cupcakes tend to get) and Sweet Somethings in Wilmington on Union ( -- much more than cupcakes -- if you decide to go the cake / pastry route, this would be your best bet. The white chocolate raspberry mousse cake is phenomenal).

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            I second the SAS cupcake suggestion. Their cupcakes may be just what you're looking for. Elegant and unexpected flavor combinations. They have a chocolate and peanut butter, need I say more? On the same street is an old school bakery called Bings Bakery that may be a good stop for other petite fors. I also like Cannons Bakery on Kirkwood Highway, they have amazing baklava and other small desserts.