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Oct 3, 2010 10:12 AM

My new 8 qt Staub Cocotte burns everything

I have a new 8 qt round Staub cocotte. I've used it four times. Everything I cooked with it burned within the first hour. (Dutch oven over stovetop flame). Any suggestions, ideas, etc???? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Use a lower temperature than you're used to. I had some similar issues when I first got my Staub.
    Another point--make sure that the volume of food is enough. Is it possible that the things you are cooking might work better in a smaller Dutch oven?

    1. I don't know if you have used cast iron cookware before, but most cast iron cookware are built very thin and have slow heat response. As such, new users have the tendency to crank up the heat. This will heat up the cookware faster, but will also make it reaches a much higher temperature at the end -- consequently burning foods when you are not watching.

      Like nofunlatte said, put it on a lower heat setting. If you must crank up the heat to speed up the intial cooking, then make sure you tune the heat down when you start the actual cooking.

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        Thanks for both responses. I will use a lower intensity heat the next time I cook with my Staub. One note: I was following recipes strictly to the letter when my meals burned. Moreover, the recipes I was cooking from were specifically for dutch ovens. So I'm hoping that the recipes I was using were all, coincidentally, flawed. I was worried that my Staub was defective.

        Below is a link to the model I am using:

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          Yeah, the problem is that when a recipe calls for medium heat.... the medium heat on one stove is not the same as the medium heat as another stove. Nah, I seriously doubt your Staub is defective.

        2. re: Chemicalkinetics

          Opps. Typo above. I meant to say that most cast iron cookware are built very THICK, not thin.

        3. I think the previous posts address the issue very well. I've been very patient and tenative about heat with our Staub pots, so I haven't experienced any burning. I've cooked on the stove top and then transfered to the oven and so far everything has turned out great.

          1. Can you clarify what you're cooking, what if anything you added to the pan (like oil, water, broth, etc.), what temperature you're using, and how often you're stirring? I suspect this is a technique issue that we can help you with. (Except that I see now this thread is years old, and you've either helped yourself or given up by now ... :)

            1. I have no Staub, but use 2 LeCreuset Dutch ovens (which are very similar products) all the time and never burn anything. I only use them for braising, for soups, and for stews. The key is to allow the pot to come to temperature over a small-medium flame before searing anything, and then once liquid is added, I turn the flame down to simmer and cook away. The thick cast iron cooks very evenly and retains heat beautifully. Low and slow is the key! No burning ever