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Oct 3, 2010 09:47 AM

Hong Kong Trip Report - May 2010

Sorry this post is a bit after the fact but have been reading up a bit on the site and decided to chime in with my first post. I went on a trip to Hong Kong for 4 days in May and checked out a few of restaurants. Below is what happened...

(Disclaimers: First Post, First food trip abroad, First Michelin restaurants, Travelling solo)

Night 1 - Plane 3hrs late getting in so missed reservation at L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon. No worries though as the helpful Peninsula concierge rebooked me for lunch on my last day. There was a note in my room by the time the Rolls had gotten from the airport to the hotel confirming the change. This was an unexpected bonus however as I was able to 'discover' the wonderful Peninsula Club Sandwich on the room service menu.

Day 1 - Lunch at the Kee Club. Taking the advice on the boards here I got the concierge to get me in to the private members club on the 4th floor. Everything was pretty good including some wonderful sweet pork dumplings (correct name escapes me after all these months.. sar chui?). The goose, which this place is famous for, was a little disappointing as it was a little cold and a bit greasier than I expected. Not a bad flavour though. All up, I enjoyed it. Nice place to entertain by the looks of it

Night 2 - Dinner at Caprice. Fantastic. One of my favourite meals. I had the 8 course tasting menu with matched wines and it was good. Personal favourites were the White asparagus, jambon(I think) and a perfect hollandaise sauce. Best meal of my life.

Day 2 - Went on a tour to Lantau Island so wound up having lunch in the Vegetarian restaurant at the monastery. I'm an avowed meat eater but it wasn't bad. The sweet corn soup was excellent.

Night 3 - Dinner at Bo Innovation. Definitely the most fun I had out at dinner. Was fortunate to sit at the counter overlooking the kitchen and get most of my dishes served to me by Chef Alvin himself. Really exciting restaurant with good tasting food. Loved all the dishes and looked forward to each course with wonder at what creation might be put before me. Different to Caprice but just as high quality.

Day 3 - Lunch at Yan Toh Heen. Good quality place with an even better view. The deep fried frogs legs and szechuan beef were pretty good. Close to the Peninsula as well so I could stagger there whilst recovering from visting the Pawn Shop bar the night before.

Night 3 - Dinner at Lung King Heen. How I wish I had listened to the sage voices on these boards. But 'No', I thought, ' 3 Michelin stars must mean something!'. It isn't a bad place but I fail to see how Yan Toh Heen is 1 star whilst this is 3. Still enjoyed the meal. Looking back would probably have gone elsewhere. probably over to Macau and checked out Robuchon a Galera and gambled on. Come here if you want but you can go elsewhere and get the same.

Day 4 - Lunch L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon. Good stuff this. Ordered about 4 different selections included the mini burgers with foie gras. These were so good that I ordered another serve. Desert was an excellent chocolate creation that melted in your mouth.

Night 5 - Dinner at Gaddi's. A misstep in my planning. Had to be out of the restaurant by nine to Rolls Royce it to the airport and fly home. This meant I coudn't really get the set menu which looked divine. Settled for a smooth, delicious mushroom soup, a lamb dish and warm chocolate desert. Wish I'd had this on another night and done Gaddi's justice but such is hindsight.

Overall, I really enjoyed the trip and Hong Kong in general. Thanks to these boards and regular posters for helping shape my selections (Sorry about Lung King Heen).

Next trip will be Singapore in around November I think. Already dreaming of Iggy's, 53, Gunther's...

Apologies if post was too long.

Yours in Food..

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  1. Forgot to mention the amazing phenomenon of Dom Perignon being served by the glass! Unheard of in Australia and definitely deadly on the old hip pocket...

    1. Welcome to Chowhound indeed. For HK, you can't possibly go wrong with L'Atelier, Caprice, Lung King Heen, etc.
      For Singapore in Nov, (from your dining profile for your Hk trip) I gather you may want to check out the new, big players in the market here: modern Catalonian food by Santi Santamaria in Santi's (Marina Bay Sands), classic French by Guy Savoy, Waku Ghin (by Sydney's Tetsuya Wakuda - nuff said), Kunio's at Resorts World Sentosa (by Osaka's Kunio Tokuoka), and Chinois by Susur Lee (also at Resorts World Sentosa).

      By Nov, you should also get to try Joel Robuchon's fine dining restaurant, and the more casual L'Atelier at Resorts World, Mario Batali & Daniel Boulud at Marina Bay, plus Luke Mangan's Salt at ION Orchard.

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      1. re: klyeoh

        Thanks for the tips!

        I'll look to throw together a list and post it before I head over