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Oct 3, 2010 05:33 AM

sandwiches in baltimore

hey folks i need your help! i am compiling/blogging about sandwiches in baltimore, and need some suggestions/opinions about your favorite place to grab a sandwich in and around baltimore.

so far i have been to:
dipasquales market in highlandtown: i had the delicious porchetta sandwich
chaps pit beef: no introduction needed for this institution
attwater's at belvedere square: so fresh so healthy and so yum
trinacria macaroni works on paca st: awesome italian deli/grocer with delicious and cheap sandwiches.

so please help and recommend some of the best places in town to get the best food on two slices of bread!

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  1. Attman's Deli. How could that not already be on your list?
    And the fried fish sandwich at Faidley's. Ditto.
    Plus, still warm from the oven roast turkey sandwich with the works at the roast turkey stand in Lexington Market near Faidley's.

    1. Three that spring to mind without much difficulty are Attman's, Mary Mervis and Captain Harvey's.

      1. I am a fan of Rosina Gourmet. I usually stick to the mozzarella sandwich as a veggie, and it always delivers. Great bread.

        Rosina Gourmet
        2819 Odonnell St, Baltimore, MD

        Rosina Gourmet
        300 E Lombard St Lbby 103, Baltimore, MD 21202

        1. Liquid Earth in Fells Point has great vegetarian sandwiches.

          Also, the banh mi at Rocket to Venus is tasty, as are the ones at Saigon Remembered, although they could both benefit from a crunchier, fresher roll. But they are damn tasty.

          And although you don't quite eat it like a sandwich, the fried fish, coleslaw, hot sauce sandwich at the JFX farmers market is awesome:

          Liquid Earth
          1626 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD 21231

          Saigon Remembered Restaurant
          5857 York Rd, Baltimore, MD 21212

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          1. re: kukubura

            thank you guys! duh i need to go to attmans, lennys, and faidleys. those are local legends.

            leaning towards lennys and maybe the dogwood deli this week. ill let you guys know whats consumed.

              1. re: discosaturday

                There is no reason to go to Lenny's when you can go to Attman's. Seriously, they're not even on the same planet.

            1. Isabella in Little Italy for prochetta also.