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Oct 3, 2010 02:09 AM

Testi [Stoke Newington, London]

Monday night in London found me meeting friends in London for dinner. We ended up at a Turkish Ocak Basi place up on Stoke Newington High St called Testi

Great cold Meze of various dips and Dolmades accompanied by hot flat bread that had been rubbed with the hot meat off the charcoal grill, soaking up some of the flavour.

Had a Kofte like thing that had been wrapped in thin flatbread, served with rice and yogurt. The kofte was good, nice flavour with nice meaty flavor. They also do a great side dish of grilled onions that were served in a v nice sauce (sumac and lemon?)

And if you were wondering they do serve a 'special' that you can work out from the Resturant name.

I will be back

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  1. This place was written up ages ago in a sort of general meat posting, but good reminder.

    When you say dolmades do you mean the grape leaf ones? I've wanted sundred tomato and aubergine dolmas with sujuk and rice since I was in Istanbul, but I've never seen them anywhere in London.

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    1. re: JFores

      You must be able to find it somewhere aroud Dalston/Stokey, surely?

      1. re: Nii

        I've looked in pretty much every place on Green St to no avail...