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Oct 2, 2010 09:15 PM

New location of Liberty Bell: Billerica

It's in the center, at the corner of Boston Rd and Andover Rd. It's been open about 3 months. I used to stop at the Woburn location a couple of times a month when I worked there. It seems to be a cut above the average roast beef/fried seafood place. As in Woburn, my special order raises eyebrows: fried clam strip roll on whole wheat wrap with coleslaw and ketchup. Obviously, I was not brought up in New England! This is a BIG portion. It could easily serve 2 if accompanied by fries or chowder. Since it gets soggy fast, I hung in and ate the whole thing, but later skipped dinner. The place is roomier than the Woburn location.

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  1. My work crew has been several times, and not a bad meal any time. I have had the Super beef from several of their other locations, but in Billerica I have switched to the Roast Beef on a whole wheat wrap. Huge portion, and every bit as large as the Super beef. Great onion rings as well.
    There are 3 other roast beef places within a short driving distance from the Middlesex Turnpike, and Liberty Bell still draws large crowds.

    Liberty Bell Restaurant
    466 Main St, Woburn, MA 01801