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Who else can't say no to poached eggs?

Today I had a delicious fresh tomato tart that was topped with a perfectly poached egg. Last week I had splendid pappardelle in a preserved lemon butter sauce topped with crispy pancetta and a poached egg. Whenever we go out for breakfast, if it has a poached egg in it, I will order it. It is just like opening up a personal Xmas present, when the yolk cascades over creating a delicious sauce.

Who else is addicted to poached eggs and what dishes have you had that when topped with a poached egg made it better?

photo from www.kitchentravels.com

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  1. Smoked haddock topped with poached egg is rightly a cuisine classic.

    1. Mostly on Buttered whole wheat toast.

      When you have poached the egg to perfection and it is waiting to be cut, there is nothing better.

      and you can feel quite the artist.

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      1. re: Naguere

        House made Corned Beef Hash with two soft poached!!!

        1. re: ospreycove

          Yeah, or even canned CBH.
          Are poached eggs the norm for CBH?
          I grew up eating it that way and always order poached eggs with it.

          1. re: monku

            with a side of potato pancakes for the extra grease factor. I am in.

            1. re: monku

              Monku, here on the East Coast nyc $ & S.W. florida it seems to be the standard soft poached; but maybe I am blinded by the thought of this satisfying dish!!

              1. re: ospreycove

                I grew up on Long Island so it makes sense and it is a very comforting dish.
                Hate to admit I eat that canned stuff almost every week at the golf course, but I like it and they know how to make a soft poached egg.

                1. re: monku

                  My father had a golf buddy who was a Podiatrist and the first person I ever met who I considered to be an accomplished home gourmet cook and wine enthusiast. .The guy truly knew a lot when it came to food and wine.

                  Whenever we would meet in the mornings before a golf event, it usually meant at a centrally located diner that proliferated the New Jersey landscape. When it came time to ordering our selections, and it was the podiatrist' turn, he would always engage the waitress with questions about the house corned beef hash. Was it any good? Is it made fresh or does it come from a can? Most of the time, the response was always it was made fresh, in house and very good.......the podiatrist would always give the same response with a straight deadpan face.......that's too bad, I prefer it from the can.....

                  1. re: fourunder

                    Now I don't feel so bad.
                    There's something comforting about Libby's Corned Beef Hash.

                    1. re: monku

                      In this neck of the woods, i.e., Northern New Jersey, Broadcast is the top dog for retail sales to the consumer.....or at the very least, the most prominently displayed brand that I ever see in my local market.

                      For food service, the brand is usually made by Castleberry....the same company that is know for making Chili Sauce Toppings for hot dogs.

                      1. re: fourunder

                        Yes, heard of Broadcast CBH, never seen it on the west coast.

                        I know canned corned beef hash can be disgusting to some....if you opened the can and it didn't have a label you'd swear it was dog food.

                        That podiatrist friend of your dad's sounds like a character.
                        If your dad was an MD, the podiatrist would have been the butt of the "your not a real doctor" jokes.

                      2. re: monku

                        I remember that you used to work for the Lewis'. They served Libby's for years and it comes out great smashed down on a flattop. I like Mary Kitchen too.

                        1. re: BubblyOne

                          I grew up with Mary Kitchen, my parents used to buy it Price Club aka Costco. We would saute some garlic add the CBH until hot and slightly crispy and then add day old rice sort of like a fried CBH rice. Did you grow up in Nor Cal too?

                          1. re: BubblyOne

                            You got a memory. I don't think I ever mentioned they used Libby's.

                            1. re: monku

                              Harry told me about the Libby's, I just remembered that you worked for them:)

                              1. re: BubblyOne

                                Did he ever tell you who makes the lobster bisque for them?
                                I know but won't tell. You'd be surprised.

                                1. re: monku

                                  So that long and involved recipe in Marilyn's book is fiction?

                                  1. re: BubblyOne

                                    I knew you were going to ask that.
                                    The answer is that is not the original recipe. Fictitious in that in that she makes it appear more complex than it actually is.
                                    If you remember they never let anyone take it out. Their excuse was it might spoil. The real reason was they were afraid someone would have it analyzed. Basically less than a half dozen store bought ingredients.
                                    If I told you they'd probably have me killed.

                                    1. re: monku

                                      LOL, that Marilyn is one tough old gal. I'm actually not shocked since they were both a lot of smoke and mirrors, but in a good way.

                                      1. re: BubblyOne

                                        Uh, forgive me if I'm dense, but are you folks talking about the owners of Hamburger Hamlet?

                                          1. re: monku

                                            OMG, I love their Lobster Bisque. And I can tell you one thing that I'd bet the farm on, that is in there, is either cayenne or Tabasco. Because I went there one time when I was sick, thought a bowl of their soup would be just the thing, and I ended up coughing my fool head off.

                        2. re: fourunder

                          I'm curious. Did his/her profession as a podiatrist have something to do his/her proclivities???

                  2. re: ospreycove

                    Or Salmon Hash with poached egg on top. Breakfast surf and turf.

                2. Every try "poaching" an egg in a rice cooker?

                  Cook rice, when rice is done and on the "stay warm" function, crack an egg into the rice cooker. Cover for about 2-3 minutes, or until the whites set but the yolk is still runny. I can eat this with just some salt and pepper, but takes well to just about any accouterments you can think of.

                  1. Besides on toast or Corned Beef Hash, I really like Eggs Benedict with a proper English Muffin and Canadian Bacon. Truffles is a little harder to manage, unfortunately...

                    1. Bowl of brown rice with gingery, garlicky, soy-sauced greens on top. Big splash of hot sauce. Two poached eggs. Bliss.

                      Cheese grits and eggs are a rare treat.

                      Basic rule of thumb: any greens, bread, beans, or grain (or combination thereof) can be improved by adding a poached egg or two.

                      Jenn at lastnightsdinner.net really got me started on the poached-egg-on-anything kick -- check her "eggs" archives for more inspiration. :)

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                      1. re: LauraGrace

                        On grits here too, but I prefer plain, buttered, stoneground grits. Add some sauteed greens cooked with a little onion and a splash of cider vinegar. It's a satisfying meal.

                      2. Pho, hoo ro rook (korean soup I got at asian market)

                        i love 'em just plain on toast best tho!

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                        1. re: jujuthomas

                          On pho? Really? I haven't tried that but you're not talking about the unlaid eggs you can get with chicken pho (pho ga) right?

                          1. re: septocaine_queen

                            nope, not unlaid eggs, realy poached ones... when we lived in the DC area DH's pho always used to come with a poached egg on it. he loves it that way.

                            1. re: jujuthomas

                              Cool. I grew up in the Bay Area and never saw that as an option maybe it is a regional thing? I will ask my mom about poached egg and pho. She makes the best pho. Sounds good.

                              I like ramen with poached eggs.

                              1. re: septocaine_queen

                                very possibly a regional thing. the places where he gets pho here in PA look at him like he's lost his mind.

                                Hoo Roo Rook is like ramen, but the noodles are not fried.

                            2. re: septocaine_queen

                              Is it even possible to poach an unlaid egg?

                              1. re: ipsedixit

                                When you clean an old laying hen there sre a series of egg yolks as part of the innards; I had a French Aunt who would bake with thepartially formed yolks; as
                                i remember all I saw was a bowl of" little orange marbles". Her Cakes were the BEST!!

                                1. re: ospreycove

                                  I'm totally with you on the magic of unlaid eggs.

                                  I'm just wondering if it's even possible to poach one of those things.

                                  On another note ... I wish they sold unlaid eggs by the dozen like they do with "laid" eggs.

                                  (By the way, ospreycove, I love how you so deftly used the term "clean" to describe getting the unlaid eggs from a hen!)

                                  1. re: ipsedixit

                                    Check with a Kosher butcher. I remember that they sold "soup eggs" in packages.

                          2. on hot light rye buttered toast. MMMM!!
                            and of course, any eggs bennie.
                            on good fried hash browns.
                            on rice.

                            1. I recently had an amazing treat at a local French bistro, Le Saint Amour: duck hash with perfectly poached eggs! Incredible!

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                              1. re: mnosyne


                                Dude....(said just like Spicolli in fast times)

                              2. Here is a photo of the pappardelle with the lemon butter sauce topped with crispy prosciutto.

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                                1. re: septocaine_queen

                                  I'm surprised this is the only mention of pasta. A poached egg in any creamy pasta dish just adds to the richness and creamiest of sauces like Alfredo and Carbonara.. Like yourself, I also like poached eggs in Noodle Soup Bowls, Asian Style.

                                2. Right now, eating a baked potato topped with sauteed dino kale and poached eggs. YUM.

                                  1. Love poached eggs on everything, my favorite lately is over frisee with lardons. Yum yum yum! Poached eggs on toast or english muffins are my 'I'm alone and don't feel like cooking tonight' meal.

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                                    1. re: jeanmarieok

                                      Oh i forgot about that! one of my favorite dishes. i also like to make a small dice of crisply fried potatoes instead of croutons to throw onto the frisee and lardons, and let the poached eggs dribble over all.... breakfast salad! love it.

                                      1. re: mariacarmen

                                        I will be trying that tonight - thanks, maria!!

                                        1. re: jeanmarieok

                                          welcome, let me know how you like it! i make mine with a very lemon dijon shallot vinaigrette. you?

                                    2. I really really like soft-poached eggs with smoked-trout and potato hash. Or serious deli hash, made with roastbeef, pastrami and corned beef scraps from the slicer.

                                      1. A poached egg question. There is a local spot with a great Sunday brunch. They have always made eggs Benedict to order and it was good. The last time we were there, they also had a dish called "Lucky Pierre." This was a poached egg on an English muffin topped with sherried crab. All 4 of us agreed it was wonderful, but none of us had heard of it before.

                                        Anyone else ever experienced the poached egg in a Lucky Pierre format?

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                                        1. re: gaffk

                                          Eggs Oscar is often on Brunch menus.

                                          Bearnaise Sauce
                                          English muffins
                                          Poached Eggs

                                          1. re: fourunder

                                            Yes, I have had that as well (as asparagus, in season, is my absolute favorite veggie, and who can refuse a perfect bernaise). But this was different--just the muffin, poached egg and incredibly rich sherry and crab meat sauce--it was a very deep red wine sauce with lumps of crab. Very simple, very delicious. And although we all eat out often, none had ever seen Lucky Pierre before.

                                            I guess I'm wondering if Pierre is a standard dish elsewhere, or if this restaurant just made it up.

                                            1. re: gaffk

                                              I just Googled *Lucky Pierre Crabmeat Recipe* and nothing popped up in the search.

                                              1. re: fourunder

                                                I love them as part of Eggs Benedict, and, of course, on Mary Kitchen Hash (with plenty of Tabasco).
                                                I also love them on tamales and enchiladas. Wonderful. What a breakfast.

                                                1. re: fourunder

                                                  Funny, I just looked too (for "Lucky Pierre recipe") and the only result was a drink. Guess that restaurant just made it up? Maybe they should patent the recipe :)

                                          2. tomorrow's breakfast will be poached egg on an english muffin with chili verde on it! YUM! (if I have time. if not it will be dinner!)

                                            1. Oh my god, I love poached eggs. I love poached eggs and milk toast. My mom made that for me whe I was a kid and I make it very rarely now but love it. Also, there's a restaurant in Portland, OR that has smoked salmon hash with leaks and poached eggs. It is incredible, I wish I could make it as good at home since I live in Seattle.