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Oct 2, 2010 04:33 PM

I won the Le Creuset True Memories contest!

Not the grand prize :) Just wanted to make a splash. I did win a piece of Le Creuset valued at $235. That is all the email told me. Pretty exciting day!

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  1. I'll bet none of the winners had a memory of replacing the Le Creuset parts ruined by using their dutch oven at 450 degrees, No Knead Bread, by pilfering knobs at Sur La Table. ;-)
    Congratulations and happy cooking.

      1. That's great, congratulations! :)

        1. Fantastic! Of course, you'll have to post on the Home Cooking board detailing the culinary delights you make in your new cookware.

          1. Good for you! Congrats! Now tell me what that contest is. A memory of using your LC? Also what piece did you win...and of course what color is it?