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I won the Le Creuset True Memories contest!

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Not the grand prize :) Just wanted to make a splash. I did win a piece of Le Creuset valued at $235. That is all the email told me. Pretty exciting day!

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  1. I'll bet none of the winners had a memory of replacing the Le Creuset parts ruined by using their dutch oven at 450 degrees, No Knead Bread, by pilfering knobs at Sur La Table. ;-)
    Congratulations and happy cooking.

      1. That's great, congratulations! :)

        1. Fantastic! Of course, you'll have to post on the Home Cooking board detailing the culinary delights you make in your new cookware.

          1. Good for you! Congrats! Now tell me what that contest is. A memory of using your LC? Also what piece did you win...and of course what color is it?

            1. Congratulations! Which entry was yours?
              Pls post and tell us about your prize and the great things you'll cook in it.

              1. I came late but congratulations! I like this one a lot! now I know 13.5 qt is really big.