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Oct 2, 2010 03:33 PM

Mjeddrah, Hot or Cold?

Hi. How do you eat your Mjeddrah, hot or cold?

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    1. I like it either way. I usually have it as a hot side or main, then have the leftovers as a cold lunch or cold side with lunch.

      It's rice and lentils - here's a recipe/description.

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      1. re: harrie

        I've eaten this numerous times; I just didn't know the name.

      2. That's a new spelling for me. I learned it as mujardarrah. Oh, how I love the stuff on a really crappy winter day, when the house is all steamed up from the kitchen, and I'm tired, and hungry. I always eat mine hot, with harissa, and sometimes a smidge of sour cream. Talk about something being more than the sum of its parts.

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        1. Hot or room temp but I've been know to eat it straight from the fridge.

          1. I typically eat it room temp because usually when I eat it I get it from the deli upstairs @ kalustyan's in NYC. They make a mean mujaddara sandwich! I sometimes it the sandwich cold later in the day after I've refrigerated it and it's still awesome!

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              Thanks for the responses. The reason why I posted the question is because I was told that traditionally in the Mediterranean World, it is a cold dish.