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Oct 2, 2010 02:36 PM

Fresh Turkey - Peterborough

We will be heading to the cottage on Friday for Thanksgiving, Toronto to Apsley, and would like to pick up a fresh turkey on the way. I am aware I can get one in Toronto, but we have a day's worth of business in Peterborough so I don't want it to sit in the car all day. Does anyone know of a place on the way, preferably in Peterborough or on the way to Apsley, to pick up a fresh turkey?

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  1. We've been getting our fresh turkeys directly from the Gray farm for many, many years. They are always juicy, well priced and absolutely delicious. The farm is located a few km's east of Peterborough. The following information is from the Kawartha Choice website.

    Michael & Gale Gray
    Phone: 705-295-6606
    Fresh turkeys available Thanksgiving & Christmas. Frozen quatered or whole turkeys year round. Hwy 7 east to Henderson Line, south 3 km to Knox Rd. Call anytime, day or evenings. Please call ahead to order.

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      Ditto to this recommendation. I have been buying Thanksgiving turkeys from them for at least 25 years. The birds are delicious and, as earthgoat says, very well priced. I know they operate on a pre-ordered basis, but I think they usually have a few extras available for sale as well. But definitely call ahead.

      1. re: Nyleve

        Costco has fresh turkey's here. I presume the Peterborough location should have them as well.

    2. Thanks everyone. I did a google search after I posted and found Franzs, on Lansdowne. We're picking up the turkey tomorrow on the way up. Thanks for your suggestions, which I will keep in mind for next time.