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Oct 2, 2010 02:06 PM

Help! Refrigerator FULL of shredded cheese! What now?

Due to a very well meaning mother-in-law I have a fridge AND freezer stuffed to the brink with shredded cheese. Mostly of the cheddar or mozzarella variety. What recipes do you recommend (& enjoy) that require a lot of cheese? Thanks everyone!

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  1. Oh, if only I were in your shoes! You can use cheese in so many things. Enchiladas, pizza, potatoes au gratin, pasta, pasta salad, tacos, nacho's, fondue, cheddar cheese soup, french onion soup. So many uses. Lucky you!

    1. Cheesy eggs (stirred into scrambled eggs, folded into omelets, etc.) Cheesy grits. Twice baked potatoes. Grilled cheese. Quesadillas.

      1. - Baked or deep fried jalapeno poppers. Don't be afraid, the monster 'TAM' variety commonly found are pretty mild after removing the pith and seeds.
        - Metabolism permitting, try some old-school casseroles with fresh ingredients (no canned soup).
        - Just remembered that small mounds of cheese crisped in the oven on a silpat or sheet tray makes a tasty and fattening snack :-).

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          Love the "cheese blobs" as we call them (the oven mounds). Use any combo of cheese and spices. Yum! I do mine on parchment. Made the mistake of doing them on foil once - never again. Could not get them off!

        2. you could try Paula Deen's crustless spinach quiche:

          Or use this technique, use a non stick pan or spray to do this as a bowl, or just as snack crackers. Works with cheddar and other cheeses, too:

          1. Quiche immediately comes to mind - spinach, cheddar, & bacon is a great combo. Of course, a rich mac & cheese and a tray of cheese-covered stuffed shells will use up some cheese. For a different approach, some leftover mashed potato spread on a pizza crust & then topped with cheese, bacon, & sour cream is great. I don't have a recipe, but I've seen cheddar (or cheddar & beer) soup - I'd imagine that uses a lot of cheese.