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Oct 2, 2010 12:10 PM

Good Pupusas and Tamales in . . .Whitestone. I can't believe it.

I've been driving by El Ranchito de Daisy in Whitestone for the last few months and finally stopped in. It's on Clintonville Street, near the corner of 10th ave. I didn't know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised. It's open every day except Sunday, and I think the owner said they close around 3 pm. I thank the employees of a large local company for likely supplying almost of the customers for such an authentic place in what is otherwise an area that would not support it. The owner is a sweetheart and she was quite happy to tell me all about her products. They have a steam table with several types of meat dishes that they put on plates with rice and beans. They make breakfast sandwiches too. I was there on a saturday at about 2, and she told me that lunchtime is really busy. She also said they have a location in Flushing. On my first visit I tried two pupusas, one cheese and one mixed meat. I also had a chicken tamale, a glass of horchata, and took home a piece of her freshly made bread pudding. The pupusas came with similar tasting slaw that they give you at Red Hook, but it was regular cabbage and not red cabbage. They made the pupusas fresh for me, and while the cheese was good, I thought the mixed meat was much better. The chicken tamale was my favorite. I love horchata, and this appeared to have been made fresh and was quite good. We heated up the bread pudding later and it was good too. I'm not around the area during the week much for lunch, but next time I am that seems like it would be the optimal time to try to steamtable dishes. She has a freezer where they sell frozen tamales from El Salvador, commercial ices, but also fruit ices that they make.

El Ranchito de Daisy
10-08 Clintonville St, Queens, NY 11357

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  1. I checked it out today- ScottK doesn't lie- the papusas and tamales were good. It's definitely more of a lunch place- I visited at 6pm on a Wednesday and it was very quiet.

    1. Oh my, I will check this place out asap. Did you happen to catch the exact name/location of their Flushing branch?

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        I didn't catch the name or location of the Flushing place but I'll find out the next time I'm there.