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Oct 2, 2010 11:50 AM

grrreat hoagie- at Pathmark!!!

Was in the Princeton area so made my usual pilgrimage to Hoagie Haven. Disappointing. I ordered a large #2 and yes, I stood at the counter and counted the slices that went into the sandwich. 5 meat and 3 cheese for large ??? Vowed not to return. I was in Pathmark and decided to pick up a quick eat. The foot long Italian was usually 5.99, but 4.99 for that week. Great. The sandwich was so heavy that I needn't bother doing a meat/cheese inventory, only draw back they pack "dry" with no mayo or oil/vinegar, but you can get condiment package. Even after being refrigerated, bread was soft and fresh and lettuce, tomato, onion was lively. Went in the store to buy another to eat the next day. The deli guy said they make them every morning. The next one I just tweaked with a little dried oregano and my own vinegar oil. Superb. (Bologna and cheese was 3.99, turkey 4.99, godfather 6.99, these are all BIG).

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  1. I was also pleased with the Pathmark hoagie. I live in Kearny, so it is not just the Pathmark in Princeton. I would stop in the morning and buy one for lunch. In addition to the ones Chettad named, they also make a great tuna hoadie. Excellent sandwich, great price.

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      +1 yes for a premade they are consistently good. The only premade store bought that is better (and these are less abundant Outside Ocean co) are from my local Shoprites.

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        I generally stilck to the wraps at Shoprite. I had a hoagie from the SR in Manahawkin and the texture of the bread was like home insulation.