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Oct 2, 2010 09:12 AM

Suggestions for a Great Dinner in Northern Pinellas (Palm Harbor, Dunedin?)

I would love to get some 'hound suggestions for a great dinner tonight in Northern Pinellas. Have been to Casa Tina, Bon Appetit and the Living Room many times...would like to try somewhere new. Like all kinds of food and price is not an issue. Thanks for your help!

Bon Appetit Restaurant
148 Marina Plz, Dunedin, FL 34698

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  1. I really enjoyed Mystic Fish last time we went, the crab cocktail was so fresh and sweet. I had a goat cheese egg roll which I loved. We sat at the bar and had apps but are definitely going back for entrees.

    Mystic Fish
    3253 Tampa Rd, Palm Harbor, FL 34684

    1. Have you ever been to Massimo's?

      1. Juli5122, thanks so much for the suggestion of Mystic Fish. We had a fantastic dinner there--braised short ribs with grilled asparagus and dijon mashed potatoes and an even better Hogfish special--crusted with panko and porcini mushrooms--delicious!

        Haven't been to Massimo's yet, but am looking forward to giving it a try. Thanks for your help!

        Mystic Fish
        3253 Tampa Rd, Palm Harbor, FL 34684

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          Sounds great I love short ribs, I live in South Pasadena so it is a hike but we will definitely be going back.

        2. Walts Seasonal Cuisine in Dunedin is awesome

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            Couldn't agree with you more...had my birthday dinner there a couple of years ago. We loved their shrimp saganaki appetizer so much that that's what we ended up having instead of cake...another order of shrimp and glass of wine!

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                haha, why does this board not have a "like" button dammit