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Oct 2, 2010 08:32 AM

HELP! How to store these cakes?

So I've baked and decorated our Texas Sheet Cake and Carrott cake w/ piping and small decorations. But I don't have room in our fridge for both, and I can't cover w/ saran wrap w/o messing up the writing. Can I leave these on the counter for the next 8 hrs w/o them drying out? Can I put them in the freezer and take out closer to party?

Thanks for any ideas, I hadn't thought this fully through (but they look great!)


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  1. I often put a large bowl over my cake after icing it, I guess that won't work for the sheet cake but if you have a big enough one you could cover the carrot cake with it. You could also wrap with foil, but being careful to structure the foil so that it doesn't touch the cake. Not perfect, but at least it'll be covered!

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      Put some skewers/toothpicks in the cake to keep the wrap from dropping onto the icing. a few strategically placed, and a last-minute bit of jooshing to cover the holes where you pull out the toothpicks and you'll be fine.

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        Plastic drinking straws cut into sections work better because they won't puncture the foil. Making every other cut diagonal will give you a pointy edge to stick into the cake. Spackle over the marks in the frosting after removing the foil and straws.

    2. I also use the bowl to cover cake method but in this case, you could stick the cake into the freezer until nearly frozen then use the toothpick stuck in the edges and a couple in the center then lightly wrap with plastic method. If you only need to leave it in there overnight, I would just stick it in there without covering. Don't know what kind of frosting you used (buttercream usually freezes well) but if you used cream cheese, I wouldn't want to freeze it once made into frosting as it's unknown how your decorations would fare once thawed.

      Another option is to go to a bakery or store that sells cake decorating supplies and purchase boxes for your size cake then you wouldn't have to worry about it.

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        Even my Walmart sells bakery boxes now. They are in the baking section that is in the crafts area.