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Oct 2, 2010 07:28 AM

Kind of Asador in Barcelona

We are looking for a real good meat restaurant in Barcelona. Kind of Etxebarri or Casa Julian de Tolosa. An Asador with the best grilled meat, not only lamb but beef, Gallician, Catalonial. Thanks

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  1. I can't think of one asador in Barcelona that specializes in grilled steaks like Casa Julian de Tolosa in Madrid. Etxebarri is unique, therefore, one would be hard pressed to find any place that can compare anywhere in Spain. Barcelona does have a few asadors that specializes in roast meat, mostly lamb and suckling pigs and also Basque restaurants where one can find a good chuleton or solommillo de buey. Ironically, there have been a recent proliferation of Argentinean grilled meat places though I have never been to one. The beef is mostly imported from Argentina.

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      Beef from Argentina: strange, while northern regions, eg Galicia or the Basks, have one of the best beef in the world. As a matter of fact Barcelona claims to be the culinary capital of Spain, some thinks, of the world. I understand it's a harbor city so they eat more fish. But in France for instance, their best beef comes also from the coastal regions: blond d'Aquitaine, Limousin, ... The grass is greener than up-country.
      I don't want to eat meat from Argentina. I 'll eat it in Argentina! So I will never drink a south african or a wine from Chile in Spain. They are certainly good but I want Spanish wines. We call this 'terroir'. So important in gastronomy.
      Btw thank you PBSF.