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Oct 2, 2010 07:12 AM

Where do you keep your kitchen garbage can?

Was thinking about where the ideal place for a kitchen garbage can would be and where most people place theirs. I'm talking about the garbage can that you use to dump food waste and empty food cartons and the like. I keep mine under the sink, away from sight and smell. I was considering getting a step-open can but I can't think of a good place to put it in my kitchen if I had that. Where do you put yours?

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  1. I have a slideout underneatht the kitchen sink. I can't stand garbage out in the kitchen.

    1. We have the garbage can -- actually a plastic bin -- in a slide out cabinet immediately to the right of the kitchen sink, just under the counter area where we typically do both prep work & clean up. So, it's out of sight, and close to where most of the waste is generated.

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        This is exactly what we have. It is a very convenient way to do it. The slide out was actually suggested by the contractor for our dog food bin and the garbage bin. Great ideas.

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          Ditto, but ours is on the left. It's perfect for keeping the trash out of reach of the dog.

          In our previous homes, we kept the trash can under the kitchen sink.

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            That describes my set-up, too.

          2. We keep ours under the kitchen sink as well. We also considered exactly what you're considering, either the foot pedal thing or they have some that have an electric lid that opens when you wave your hand over the motion sensor, kind of like the paper towel dispensers in some public restrooms. (I recently was waving my hand like a madman in front of a paper towel dispenser when my son said "Dad, it's not motion activated"). Anyway, we ultimately decided since we didn't like any of the spots that were available in our kitchen, we'd just stick with the smaller can under the sink. My wife thought a bigger can would just keep the trash in the kitchen longer.

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              I agree. Having a smaller can ensures you take it out more often.

              When I designed my current kitchen one thing I insisted on was that the garbage be inside a cabinet -- mostly because I was tired of telling my dog fifty times a day to get her head out of the upright kitchen garbage pail I had. Right now I'm coveting a can that attaches to the cabinet door and automatically opens when you open the door.

            2. I live in an apartment and have a galley kitchen. My laundry room is at the end of the kitchen and has a door. I keep my 13 gallon kitchen garbage can in there. It is out of the way, yet easily accessible. My current garbage can has a flip top but I'd love a motion-activated or foot open/close one.

              If I'm doing a lot of prep with a lot of waste I can simply move it next to me at the counter. I can't stand garbage under the sink.....I think that can attract a lot of critters up through walls and around the pipes, especially in an apartment.

              1. I keep mine in a corner where the sink counter top meets the side wall. It's a tall stainless steel model, and not totally unattractive, but it does take up floor space. Of necessity, it sits in front of a couple of cabinet doors, but fortunately they aren't cabinets that I have to access frequently. But as soon as I figure out WHICH under-counter cabinet I can give up, it's out of here and I'm getting a trash compactor! If you can figure out where to put one without handicapping your cabinet space, they are the ONLY way to fly!

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                  hello, in that corner, is it hollow underneath the counter top ? if so, you could put them under there and not take up floor space. my kitchen is that way. you might need to remove, or change around, some of your base cabinets. good luck, let me know how it works out.