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Oct 2, 2010 06:08 AM

does it work to cook chicken in this way? (Hainan Chicken Rice)

I like the way Hong Kong and Singapore make the chicken. The texture is soft and tender. i've been told by my friends that it's possible to do it at home. Is Anyone familiar with it? Do you think this recipe is feasible?

1. thaw the chicken at room temprature

2. rub the chicken inside and out with salt.

3. put sliced leeks and sliced gingers into the cavity of the chicken

4. In a skillet, cover the chicken with water, bring water to boil and boil it for 5 minutes.

5. covered, removed from heat. ( let it sit for 30 minutes. --- thanks blueroom for the correction)

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  1. goute, look at #5 in your instructions-- did you mean, remove from heat and let it SIT covered for 30 minutes? If that's the case, for the chicken to finish cooking it would depend on the thickness/size of the chicken, and size/thickness of pot. You'd need to keep enough heat in vessel to finish cooking the chicken. It sounds like the chicken is left whole, but then wouldn't it be too tall for a skillet? This method might work, but there would be a lot of trial and error involved unless you get more exact details, I think.

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      yes blueroom, i mean let it sit for 30 minutes and in fact it's one of my major concerns in the whole recipe.

      by traditional standard, asian chicken should be served medium well so that the meat is juicy and tender but not dried out but it's getting less popular after the outbreak of bird flu.

    2. I wouldn't thaw the chicken on the counter, but that's your choice. Also, I'd use a large pot to cook the chicken instead of a skillet. Otherwise the recipe sounds good. Here's a guideline to help you:

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        Yes, that recipe makes more sense--simmered very low, not actually removed from heat.
        Nice recipe--spare and simple but really appetizing.

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          FOR THE RICE:
          1 1⁄2 cups jasmine or other long-grain rice
          2 tbsp. vegetable oil
          3 shallots, peeled and finely chopped
          5 cloves garlic, peeled and finely chopped

          Thanks for the recipe and I like it. However , the use of vegetable oil doesn't sound authentic. The Singaporen version uses the chicken oil left in the skillet to cook rice.

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            Ah, yes...well then you'll simply use the chicken fat instead of vegetable oil. Everything else looks pretty good, though. Happy Eating...and Cooking!

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            Ahhhh. How could I forget Jaden Hair! Streamykitchen rocks! Thanks ipsedixit!