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Oct 2, 2010 05:17 AM

What can I use this stuff for?

Donna went and did a big shop and then left for the weekend. So now I'm left with a load of stuff that I HAVE to eat, instead of stuff I want to eat. Can anybody think of anything to make with:

500g thin sliced cooked beef
3 bell peppers
Corn on the cob x 3

I can add stuff to it anyway, but most of that stuff is going off soon. Not really sure about the cold cuts, as I usually use them with sandwiches. Can they be used in a soup or something?

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  1. You could make an asian broth-like soup with beef stock, bell peppers, corn and celery, and some noodles. I'd chop up the beef finely and add it close to the end, just so it warms through (since it's already cooked). Depending on what else I had on hand, I'd probably add some kind of green leafy vegetable, plus a dash of dry sherry or rice wine, some ginger, soy sauce... you know, that kind of thing.

    You could also make some stuffed bell peppers... for the filling, chop up the beef, add some corn and diced celery, add some cooked rice, maybe some nuts, season however you like it, top with cheese and bake.

    Put it all on a pizza?

    Just a few ideas. It's an odd combination of things to try to put together!

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    1. re: ursy_ten

      Yeah, the asian style soup sounds good. I have some fish sauce or whatever... hmm, I'll see what's in the cupboard.

      Ok, the only noodles we have are some strigh-to-wok ones that went off in 2008, and some spaggetti.
      hen we have sherry vinegar, nam pla fish sauce, soy sauce, some preserved ginger (which might go well with beef).
      To be honest, I could care less about the peppers, I'm sick to the back teeth of them being added as a staple to everything, but the corn could work well.

      I guess the main point is to use as much of the beef as possible just to prevent the money being wasted, rather than spend more money to make it palateable. I could just buy a steak and eat that instead.

      Thanks for your help ursy!

      1. re: Soop

        No probs, glad to be of help :)

        Maybe hop down to the store and just grab a cheap packet of ramen (if you think noodles would enhance the end result)

        Any chance you could freeze some of the beef? It would probably defrost ok if you used it in cooking.

        Oh, another idea - an omelette! I'd just chop up the beef and use it where I might use ham. I'd put corn and peppers (at a pinch, bleh, don't care for peppers) in an omelette but I'm not so sure about celery.

    2. This might also be useful - it's a leftover wizard. Put in 3 ingredients and it returns a list of recipes.

      Or this one: recipe search based on ingredients

      1. For the corn:
        Cut the kernels from the cob, chop up 1 pepper, chop 1/2 onion (if you have it).
        Melt some butter in a skillet, add the onion and pepper and sautee till beginning to get soft, add corn kernels and any corn milk that came off the cob. Season with S & P and anything else you like. Cook for a few minutes till the corn in heated through. You could even add a little EVOO and vinegar to make a corn salad. Or not.

        For the beef:
        Use in a stir-fry with the peppers and any other vegetables you have plus your Asian seasonings. .

        1. That's funny! I suspect Donna wants you to open your own Subway over the weekend. Or at least eat like you owned one.

          The Beef: 1. A Quickie Stroganoff: Saute some sliced mushrooms and sliced onions until the onions are soft, then slice the beef into strips about the size of 1/3 slice of bacon, add to the HOT pan with the onions and mushrooms, immediately turn off the heat and stir in a container of sour cream. Season with s&p and a little nutmeg and serve over egg noodles; 2. Chipped Beef: Color a roux until a little more than blond, drop in some chopped onions, chopped celery and chopped green peppers to cook in the roux while it is browning. When the roux reaches a color you're happy with, add some chicken or beef stock, stir until sauce has thickened to a creamy consistency, cut beef into strips and add to the sauce, serve over toast or English muffins.

          When beef is already sliced like that, there's not really a lot you can do with it besides make sandwiches. I have never found presliced beef to "taste right," so I don't buy it. For the rest of it, corn on the cob and stuffed celery?

          Oh, wait! I have a better idea! Put all of that stuff in the freezer for Donna when she gets back and go buy yourself some stuff you DO want to eat! '-)

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          1. re: Caroline1

            Hah! Now That's funny, Caroline. Freezing the Stuff for Donna...

            Soop: I thought of another corn recipe that I've made several times this year... it's
            Michael Ruhlman''s Baked Buttered Corn. Delicious and very easy to make:

            The recipe actually starts at the 5th paragraph.

          2. WOW! you guys are great :)
            well, I go me a chiken after seeing Nigella Lawson this morning, but I think I might invite friends round for a roast dinner.

            Here's my plan: half beef stock for gravy, half for udon mnoodles. That corn recipe sounds greaat for a side, and to hell with the peppers!

            Thankyou all, you'e invaluable!!!!!

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            1. re: Soop

              Oh, damn! It's midnight so you've already finished dinner. Otherwise I'd drop over and see what gravy and udon tastes like. I've never had that combination, but as the saying goes, "Don't knock it until you've tried it!" How was it? hmmm... I've got some udon in the freezer. Got some beef tallow for gravy... Sounds intriguing! '-)

              1. re: Caroline1

                hey hey!
                Yeah, it was god, but it wasn't gravy, I just saved half the beef stock:
                beef stock
                birdseye chile
                other (?) chile
                beef cut into strips
                mushroom chopped up
                fish sauce
                corn cut from a cob
                2 packets of udon.