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Oct 2, 2010 03:41 AM

Best breakfast??

We were in Cape cod and saw a rating on TV for best breakfasts in the northeast. Grumpy"s of E.Dennis was voted #1 ( I don't know by who). we went there on our way out of town for a late b-fast. Had I not seen the review I would have been merely satisfied, BUT it was supposed to be the best and so I was disappointed. I did not order the eggs benedict and this seemed to be what was flying out of the kitchen to mostly older overweight people. I did have nice scrambled eggs with tasty italaln sausage the choice of potato was home fries or hash browns. I ws informed the hash browns were frozen deep fried patties. (skip that). I went with homefries that were soft, chunky, barely crisp on one side. The marble toast was not really toasted, soft and limp....AND the coffee was on the weak side. My favorite New england breakfast is still Two Sisters, Gloucester MA. Fresh baked breads, great crispy cornbeef hash,excellent coffee, nicely grilled homefries and my friend was thrilled with the eggs bnendict.

Two Sisters Restaurant
27 Washington St, Gloucester, MA 01930

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  1. Grumpy's would not even be my first choice for breakfast in DENNIS, let alone the entire Northeast. (best in Dennis IMO is the Red Cottage on Old Bass River Rd.)

    Red Cottage Restaurant
    36 Old Bass River Rd, South Dennis, MA 02660

    1. Grumpy's can be creative with a massive amount of food served. Where breakfast is concerned that can be all it takes to be best in the world. hepsi, you hit the high spots when you list what's most important. I begin with the coffee. If the coffee resembles dishwater, and Grumpy's coffee does, whatever comes next by way of solid food won't get my respect. I favor the other side of the Cape, The Daily Paper in Hyannis on West Main Street. They serve a locally roasted coffee bean and the brew gets me off to the right start. Their omelets are a feast and that's what I arm myself to attack next. I'm ready to face daylight.

      Daily Paper
      644 W Main St, Hyannis, MA 02601