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Oct 1, 2010 06:09 PM

Fabulous dinner roll recipe?

I'm on a quest to find the perfect recipe for dinner rolls - does anyone have any favorites? I have made the Featherlight Yeast Rolls from Epicurious for the last two years at Thanksgiving and although they're good, they're a lot of work for "just good" and, in my experience, inconsistent results. I'm considering the ATK "Best American Dinner Rolls" or the Poppy Seed Dinner Rolls from Epicurious, but was wondering if anyone had any other recommendations. Thanks!

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  1. This recipe was published in our local paper a few years ago and I thought they were extremely good. The recipe name is Pillowy Soft Dinner Rolls. I hope you enjoy them:

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      Thanks - my husband is from St. Louis so he'll be thrilled to see this recipe. It looks fairly close to the ATK recipe, although with less eggs to the amount of flour.

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        I made these this year - my first time making dinner rolls (I make bread almost weekly, though, so I wasn't too nervous). They were really quite easy and very well received! Plus I made them all last night just up to the baking step and refrigerated them on the baking sheets overnight. Today I took them out a half hour before I wanted to bake them and they were perfect. So thank you, Chowser, for the tip about making them ahead of time, and thank you, ChesterhillGirl, for the recipe!

      2. I love the refrigerator rolls at, not diet food but pull apart good. I also make potato rolls from Secrets of a Jewish Baker made from the potato bread recipe, yummy.

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          Has anyone ever made these refrigerator rolls with butter instead of shortening? How would that affect the texture?

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            Here is my Grandmother's refridgerator rolls recipe. It says Crisco or butter. I use butter. It's been a few years since I tasted hers, but I don't recall any significant difference.

            Note where it says refridgerate from 3 hours to 3 days. this part makes it convenient, but beware, once you roll out and do the second rise, you can't wait too long to bake or they will begin to deflate.

            MaMa’s Easy Mix Rolls
            ½ cup warm water
            1 package yeast
            1 tsp. sugar
            ½ cup boiling water
            ½ cup Crisco or butter
            4 Tablespoons sugar
            1 teaspoon salt
            1 egg, lightly beaten
            3 cups flour

            Dissolve yeast and 1 tsp. sugar in warm water. Pour boiling water over shortening and stir. Add sugar and salt. Cool to luke warm and add egg. Combine above mixtures. Add 1 ½ cups of the flour and stir until smooth. Add rest of the flour. Refrigerate from 3 hours to 3 days.
            Roll out on floured board, cut with biscuit cutter, brush with melted butter and fold(optional). Let rise until doubled. Bake in preheated 400 degree oven until brown.

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              I used your recipe. It was fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing.

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                Thanks for telling me! It really means a lot to me. Since Ma Ma died, the aunt who inherited "bread" as a Thanksgiving responsibility prides herself on sourcing really nice frozen rolls. My one attempt at announcing I would bring the bread did not go over well. So I'm thrilled that Ma Ma's recipe was enjoyed this Thanksgiving by you!

        2. I've been wanting to practice and get good at making a good dinner roll. My aunt, who lived on a farm in Mississippi all her life (in the same house from age 16, when she eloped, to the end of her life!) made either yeast rolls or biscuits every day. I really wish I'd learned from her. She canned but I never learned that, either, and I'm afraid to try that, don't want to kill anyone.

          Can rolls be made the day before? So much to do the day of.

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            These look great. Haven't tried them but I certainly will.


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              You can make yeast roll dough the day before and leave them in the refrigerator. About half an hour to an hour before baking, take them out and let them come to room temperature.

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                wait you can make the dough.. or make the dough and shape them before putting them in the fridge?

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                  I make the dough, shape them, put them in the baking container and then refrigerate well covered. You can also just refrigerate the dough, let it come to room temperature and then shape them, let them rise and then bake. I just prefer to have the majority of the work done.

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                    Thank you. This is why a lot of the no-knead doughs or slow fermentation doughs are popular. You can start it one day and finish relatively any time the next.

            2. I've always used a family recipe that calls for Crisco, but recently switched to a recipe from ATK's Family Cookbook, called Rich and Tender American Dinner Rolls. I don't know if that's the same one you are looking at. The cookbook has excellent photos of what the dough should look like. It's important to leave it somewhat wet. I use their instructions for making them ahead and they are awesome!

              1. I've had good luck with the pull-apart butter buns recipe from King Arthur Flour. In fact, I now can't go to Thanksgiving dinner without bringing a batch:


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                  I just made these based on this rec and they are excellent and very easy, even for this first time dinner roll maker.

                  Here's my thread about troubleshooting my first batch. The second batch was perfect.


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                    Yes, these KA rolls were fantastic! I always use the recipe with weight, rather than volume, measures.

                    My first batch was terrific. And then, just for the heck of it, I experimented with slow-rising them. If the first batch was terrific, the second was out of this world.

                    Also, King Arthur's Honey Wheat Rolls are darn good too - I tried them, as well. They were surprisingly soft and tender, given that there was twice as much whole wheat as AP flour - and they were still soft the next day.