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Is there a use for left over egg noodles?

Often, I cook more egg noodles than I need for a meal. They are cheap and the leftovers usually go down the disposal.

Do yu folks have any ideas on uses for leftover egg noodles?

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  1. Probably not enough left over, but "noodle kugel".

    1. Ersatz chow fun - fry them with beef, pork, or chicken and some soy sauce. Noodles are great when they get golden, crisp edges. Also, they can be frozen for future use, like adding to soup.
      I was raised to be frugal and wouldn't think of throwing out food just because it was left over.

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        "I was raised to be frugal and wouldn't think of throwing out food just because it was left over."

        +8 million!

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          + ^10 and call!
          Isn't the world still using the 1st noodle leftover?!? Geesh! Even dried, and a 3 year old stuck it to a cardboard page,with loving hands that say I Luv yu...
          Leftover noodles are...well really the reason why noodles were invented!

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            Yeah. Right up there with rice, mashed potatoes, pastas in general. I mean really, is there a startch that isn't used over and over. Not in my house. Had leftover mac n cheese just last night.

      2. toss in some canned tuna and a little cheese. Bake. Tuna caserole.

        1. saute mushrooms, sliced onions, and minced garlic in olive oil and butter then add sour cream, season with S&P add egg noodles. Mushroom Stroganoff

          1. A childhood favorite, put them in Campbells tomato soup, made with half water and half milk.

            1. Cut them up and and then fry them in some bacon fat and use it as a "noodle crouton".

              1. I will sometimes take any leftover pasta and make a pie, usiing a beat up egg, parm cheese, sausage cut up, leftover veggies (spinach, brocolli work great). Mix everything, put in a pie plate adn bake. Slice like pie, top with marinara or speg sauce.

                1. 1.Brown butter in skillet toss in slivered fresh sage and a handful of flax seeds toss in the noodles to coat Sprinkle with parm cheese toss and eat.
                  2. Leftover meat or fish or chichen, even sandwich meat, you'll only need a little, into a sikillet with butter or oil, a handful of 'on hand' vegetable (which could be a handful of peas or 1 carrot sliced) now scramble an egg or two toss in and stir then toss in noodles stir well to mix up when eggs ate set add your seasoning toss and plate.
                  3. Sauté butter and oil until melted in skillet-add chopped onion/bell pepper/garlic clove/salt/pepper stir in small can of tomato sauce (heat through) stir to blend toss in noodles turn
                  to coat serve.
                  4. Can of drained tuna, can of cream of mushroom soup, chopped onions chopped mushrooms, little bit
                  sour cream little bit cream cheese mix....1 tablespoon lemon salt&pepper&pepper... noodles in now, bake
                  30 minutes with shredded cheese on top uncovered 30 minute scoop onto
                  plate and serve.
                  5. In skillet put 3 slices bacon and crisp up take out add chopped fresh tomato and cut up lettuce 2 Tablespoons chicken 2 Tablespoons mayo stir well put bacon back on with noodles stir to combine= BLT&N

                  1. noodle cakes -- combine with some egg, onion, sauteed onion, herbs, (veggies if you like), and some bread crumbs or almond meal to hold them together; saute in pan til brown on each side. you can also make these sweet with egg, ricotta cheese, almond meal, cinnamon and sugar...

                    blend with eggs and a little flour or bread crumbs. spread in a pie plate; bake as a crust, then fill with ricotta, marinara and meatballs, top with mozzarella, romano, and parmesan, and basil and bake for a few minutes more.

                    add them to an omelette or frittata.

                    1. Do a Hungarian thing and add a spoonful of currant jelly to them (or butter and poppy seeds) after they're warmed in the microwave.

                      1. My favorite is pretty simple: tossed in a pan with browned butter, and then into a bowl with some farmer cheese or cottage cheese.
                        Peasant food at its simplest and best...

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                          reminds me of the dish my grandmother made for my grandfather that his mom made for him... egg noodles, cottage cheese, salt and pepper... some polish origin in there, IIRC...

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                            Yeah, it'san Eastern European thing...my grandpaents (both sides) were from Hungary. Buttered noodels with pot cheese was a staple in our house when I was growing up. Sometimes, a bit od cabbage would be added to the mix as well.
                            It remains a favorite.

                        2. I like to add leftover pasta to a frittata the next morning. Just ad the noodles to your eggs once they are scrambled, stir to combine, and pour into the pan. Finish like any other frittata.

                          1. Fry some savoy cabbage in brown butter with fresh thyme, let the cabbage get a bit crispy, add your noodles and heat thoroughly. Top with sour cream.

                            Saute noodles in butter until golden, toss with poppy seeds, smoked paprika and sour cream.

                            If you have both leftover noodles and ham, bake them in a rich cheddar sauce, topped with breadcrumbs.

                            For something a little different, here's a 101 Cookbooks recipe for a Asian style curried noodle pattie, made with spaghetti, Thai curry paste and tofu, but I'm sure you could sub egg noodles:


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                              Years ago when the girls were little we were stuck in our mountain cabin an extra day due to blizzard conditions. I had some ham, noodles, cheese, etc. Also had ONE apple. Made a casserole and baked the apple (remember the girls were SMALL). The younger looked at what I'd fixed and said "what is that?" and I replied "it's called dinner and if you don't eat it, it's going to be a very long time before you have what I'm going to call breakfast." (Note: after that we kept the cabin better provisioned.)

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                                I'm confused, what's wrong with noodles with ham and cheese?

                            2. Something as simple as frying it up with some eggs is what we do in our household.

                              If I have leftover goulash I serve it up with that or sautee some garlic and spinach, throw in some cheese or shrimp, go asian with soy sauce and hot thai sauces.

                              It's good, great ideas here!

                              1. Fried noodle pancakes, seriously.

                                1. Oh, Hank, Hank, Hank! You're a better man than I, for whom "left over egg noodles" is tantamount to a capital crime. Anyway, all of the suggestions here are wonderful, and I'd act on them right now, at 1 in the morning, if I only hadn't eat ALL of my damned egg noodles!