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Oct 1, 2010 05:51 PM

Cuisinart DLC-7 super pro

I got this machine in the mail as a gift. It has never been used and it is I guess 27 years old. I am dumfounded by the assembly top where the large food goes when you put a large blade in. We watched the video on the new machines and they show how to put the machine together but the part that is the cover with feed tube and the large pusher goes in with the metal guide. Now I know my machine is old and has plastic guides to go in the feed tube but is it suppose to come apart. I wanted to chop slices of potatoes but had a had time getting them in and connecting the two parts to work. What am i missing here is there another part or is it just harder because they have improved the newer one's. Does anyone have one of these Dlc-7 super pro that could tell me. I did not get a manual.????

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  1. The feed tube/pusher/lid/bowl combo that comes with the Cuisinart DLC-7 super pro is just awful.

    I got one, too, when the motor on the original Cuisinart I bought in 1977 died in 2002. I switched the new bowl and cover out (what an obnoxious piece of work that top is) for my original bowl and cover. They are perfectly interchangeable, as I think all the parts are for these two 7-cup Cuisinarts. I know my old bowl, lid, and knife blade work just fine on the Cuisinart DLC-7 super pro base. I hope this helps. I also have extra parts if you're missing anything (except the knife blade, which I broke trying to make breadcrumbs).

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      Thank you Jay F for responding. I am not sure exactly what you mean. Are you saying if I buy a new bow and cover they are better than the original. I called Cuisinart today and they asked if I have the amber color bowl and lid and of course I do. Then they told me that I have the best one ever made because it was made in Japan not China. I feel how the heck can they say that when the lid and bowl combo is awful. She did say that they make a clear replacement part for them now but I should of asked is it the same as the old attachments. Any way I have two blades and a knife blade and bread blade. Everything is brand new because no one has used this. It's no wonder with the fact you can't get the pusher piece apart. So I guess the question is are the new parts the same Jay?????

      1. re: heidismiles

        Hi, Heidi -

        What I mean is that I prefer the original style of bowl, from one of the original two models, Cuisinart CFP5. Its top is one part rather than that two-part apparatus you have to break down constantly. I tried to load a couple of pics, but the system won't let me.

        The CFP5's feed tube is wider (approx 3" x 1") than the one on the DLC-7. I find it much easier to use and to wash. I don't know the difference between "old" and "new," as was described to you. I bought my Cuisinart in 1978 and didn't think about new ones until my old one broke down.

        I can't find the old parts I have (I moved this year), which I would just give you, but I think you can find them on eBay. Search for Cuisinart cfp5.

        Actually, here's an auction for a cfp5 with all the attachments. If you want to bid, I might be interested in buying the base from you.

    2. Heidi----You are VERY lucky! The Cuisinart DLC-7 Super Pro is by nearly everyone's estimation, the best food processor ever. Mine has been in continual use for 30 years. Don't give up on the bowl and assembly because they were made in Japan and will last many times longer than the newer ones which break and crack. To assemble to top part of the lid to the base part of the lid, you reach your fingers around the back and squeeze the two plastic bars. Then you put the lid on the bowl and twist to lock----this is a necessary safety so the processor can't on when it isn't locked and hurt you. After a few times, it's easy. Yours may be a little stiff because it's new but it will work fine. It is easier to take apart when it's fastened to the bowl which is fastened to the base. No doubt there are those who would like to buy the whole thing from you. I would TOO! It is unheard of to find one of these units in new condition. In 30 years I've never had to replace anything. The base and the parts were manufactured to exacting standards in Japan. The new ones are from China and they break. You are a lucky girl!

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        I agree DLC-7 super pro is great machine....WHEN IT WORKS!! I have this unit that had been my mother's which no doubt she purchased 30 years ago....the mechanics are fine.....I have all the accessories. Its just too hard to lock the top on to make it run. I HAVE replaced the bowl/top with the grey as cuisinart recommended, but still it won't work easily. I'd love a solution to make it a convenient appliance again instead of taking up space. It would seem since the motor still works, it ought to be repairable. suggestions would be welcome. like Heidi, am tempted to give up on it but know anything i purchase now would be less well made....BUT, IT MIGHT WORK!!

        1. re: jwnix

          I love mine too. I've had it since it came out. Was that 30 + years ago? I've been through minimum four of the cheap China made bowl and cover. I've resigned myself buying a new one. Does anyone know if my old parts, of which I have many, will fit any of the newer models? I keep two knives, and every blade made. One newer sharp knife, and one general use used dull knife.


      2. Hi, Heidi:

        I have one of these DLC-7SPs, and agree with others that the design for everything that sits atop the bowl is an epic PITA.

        The two main pieces that go on top of the work bowl are called the "work bowl cover" (DLC-017BGTX) and the "pusher assembly" (DLC-018BGTX). You must have both on the machine in order to operate it, because there is a safety interlock.
        The pusher assembly is itself made of two nesting parts--they slide within each other but don't come apart.

        If the Nobel Committee gave medals for idiocy, this one wins the Prize. Cuisinart was so focused on safety, they made this assembly so it: (a) breaks easily; (b) is impossible to clean; and (c) requires you to pre-load the cover's feed tube (take assembly off, extend it, put larger food chunks in the tube, put assembly back on, repeat endlessly). Oh, and trim your food so the assembly will even fit back on.

        The only way to avoid this is to use only the very small *inner* (round) feed tube which is only about 1.25" in diameter. So your slices will be ridiculously small, yet need to be trimmed. It ultimately ends up being faster just using a knife or mandoline for everything but shredding and blade-processing.

        What WILL happen if you use this machine long enough is that the thin, tiny, vulnerable, delicate plastic tab on the outer half of the assembly will snap off. With that gone, there is nothing to depress the safety interlock rod into the motor housing. Basically, the entire unit is then useless unless you resort to sticking an object in and manually depressing the interlock rod; I use a metal kebab skewer, with which I will personally stab the designer if ever we should meet.

        What you *might* consider is buying is the "flat cover" (DLC-016GTX). It will allow you to dispense with the whole "pusher assembly". It's not a perfect fix (this was made for *pouring* in ingredients into the *center*, and is not offset for use with the discs).

        You can order all these parts and more at

        Good Luck,

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        1. re: kaleokahu

          I've just broken that vulnerable tab which kaleokahu mentions--after 30 years of hard use! So while that tab may be a weak link, it sure lasted a long time. If it's the weakest link, this machine is bomb-proof. I wonder if Cuisinart decided that the litigious U.S. market required multiple safeguards against injury, and came up with this design?

          The workbowl cover and large feed chute for This Old Cuisinart are indeed arcane and complicated to use, until you've used them a couple dozen times. Then it's easy. I do use my fist a lot to bap the bowl off the base or the lid off the bowl. One of these baps finally totaled the plastic tab, perhaps. (The Subject Was Cabbage.) Everything fits so tightly together, with such precision, that actual food bits and juice can require bit of english to get everything engaged. But Itellyou, I have a chef's knife and a mandoline (which I now use in my travel trailer) and when it comes to parties, fine slaws, juliennes and the like, nothing beats my Cuisinart for toughness and speed. It's a beast.

          So, I'm ordering a replacement workbowl cover on Amazon Prime, and I notice this flat lid of which people speak that I never knew about. Want!! Can I buy a grey one? The only amber one I can find is on for 40 bucks with shipping. Too much. I have a DCL-7 super pro. Can anyone tell me what flat workbowl cover I can buy that will fit?