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Oct 1, 2010 05:28 PM

Sushi in mississauga or brampton Any suggestions

Hi all,

I'm going out for lunch on sunday and was looking for suggestions in the mississauga or brampton area.
Thanks for your help

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  1. Hinote is fairly good in Mississauga (mavis and bristol).

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    1. re: Sam C

      I heard Hinote has good lunch meals too... have you tried?

      1. re: jennjen18

        Just went to Hinote for lunch on Friday! There's lunch bentos - good quality, but prices corresponding to the quality! I would pay it though, for a once in a while good sushi lunch ..

        So, at $12, 10 pieces of sashimi, rice, kimchi, salmon roll (3 pieces), miso, salad. Sashimi included crab (2), tuna (3), "white tuna"/butterfish (2), and salmon (3...though I think there were more... so it probably could be >10 pieces of sashimi). Salmon rolls were quite big, and was surprised that they didnt charge to upgrade from california roll!

        1. re: jennjen18

          Sounds like they've upgraded their quality. I lived within a 5 minute walk and visited often a few years back but was never overwhelmed--passable but lots of frozen fish and some presentation issues. For the money, Kumai trumped them even on a bad day. Things seemingly have changed for the better. Glad they quit chasing the AYCE sushi lunch troughers!

    2. My answer depends if you're looking for good value versus one of the better quality ones found in west GTA (in my opinion, west GTA sushi does not compare well to East or Central GTA).

      If you're looking for good service, fresh standard (somewhat limited) fish, and good value, I recommend Dai Ichi. It's hiding in a strip mall and doesn't have visual appeal but it's run by warm Korean owners who have been there for a long long time.

      If you're looking for a restaurant that pays more attention to fish quality and has a greater selection of fish, I recommend Kumai. Service can be slow but it is always polite and courteous to me. I would not say it is good value. You may leave hungry even though you paid the same amount compared to other restaurants.

      Hope that helps!

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      1. re: Nevy

        Great value, excellent service, generally a great experience. Arrived for lunch and who do we see also enjoying the bento box but Massimo Capra. I'm starting to think this place might be quite the hidden gem, as chefs usually know where to get some good food and this time he was right. Don't get me wrong this is no Hashimoto, but you can't really compare the two can you.

        Started with the Black Dragon roll(Dynamite roll with Unagi on top) The tempura shrimp was crisp the avacado creamy and the tobiko crunchy. Combine that with the slight sweetness and subtle smokiness of the eel and you've got a winner.

        The bento box was pretty standard, but done well. Steamed rice was warm and tasty, spinach salad was great with a nice garlic hint and toasted sesame seeds, I could have had more. The california roll was....well a california roll...but a well exacuted one nice and tight with fresh ingredients. The tempura (2 shrimp, 2 squash and 2 sweet potato) were crisp hot and quite enjoyable. The sushi was good and fresh tasting the salmon was nicely marbled and tender. The tuna was nice, not toro but a nice piece of fish. The ebi sushi would have been the low point, not that it was terrible by any stretch but it was quite boring and not really shrimpy in flavour. Actually the rice had more flavour.

        That said it was a great meal at a great price, and hey if Dai Ichi is good enough for Massimo it must be good enough for me.

        Cost for 3 with no alcohol around $80

        1. re: jiminy

          I'm glad Dai Ichi was a hit for you. My friend mentioned ages ago she spotted a Food TV chef eating there but she could never figure out who it was and well, now I know!

      2. Sushi House in Brampton at HWY 10 and Church St has never disappointed. Sushi is always fresh, service is great and the prices are fairly reasonable for sushi.

        1. Late reply, but there's always more eating ...

          Toshi at the southwest corner of Hwy 10 (Hurontario) and Bovaird is a decent a la carte place in Brampton. Follow Bovaird Dr. (Hwy 7) of of town to Georgetown and you'll come to Yo-Yo's. Its hard to see - just a little place buried in by the Ford dealership on the right hand side. Both good places, Yo-Yo's a bit more $$$.

          Brampton has also seen a recent explosion of AYCE places. They're all over the place foodwise.