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Oct 1, 2010 03:32 PM

Spending 4 nights in Belleville

We are heading to Paris at the end of October. Renting an apartment in Belleville for 4 nights. Hopefully splurging one or two nights but staying on budget the rest of the time. Also, if anyone knows of any great markets in the area, that would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Rue Rébeval has quite a few interesting bistros and wine bars: Chapeau Melon, Chez Valentin, Mon Oncle Vigneron, nearby le Baratin

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      I second "Le Baratin" - a good wine driven restaurant/bar. Not that expensive (for the style/quality) and a great atmosphere. It tends to attract food tourists and locals. It is out of the centre thus the trip dissuades those who aren't committed. It isn't glam, but it is atmospheric.

    2. La Frite Bruxelloise, an excellent frites stand on rue Oberkampf.
      I second le Baratin (like everyone else).
      La Rose Sucrée, lovely Tunisian pastry shop on 67 boulevard de Belleville
      Popular Tunisian restaurants on boulevard de Belleville (Chez René et Gabin for instance)
      Café Charbon (rue Oberkampf) is nothing to write home about foodwise or even drinkwise but it is really beautiful to see, an authentic megasized bougnat café. Try a brunch there on weekends just for the atmosphere.
      Le Châteaubriand is a short walk downhill.

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        Le Châteaubriand is indeed a short, and interesting walk downhill and IMO really worth a trip if you want something with a touch of style. I love it, but a word of caution, it is best for those who are looking for innovative food not those seeking tradition