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Good place to eat in Pasadena?

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Any recommendations for a good place to eat in Pasadena that also serves cocktails? Nothing too pricey (entrees below $20).

Thank you!

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  1. Try Dish


    1. For value dining, I always think of Cafe Bizou.

      Cafe Bizou
      91 N Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103

      1. Yujean Kangs outstanding Chinese and French combo. Shiro for fish and safood and deep fried whole catfish (south pasadena).

        Shiro Restaurant
        1505 Mission St, South Pasadena, CA 91030

        1. Green Street has decent food* in that price range and excellent cocktails. They have a pretty good wine list too.

          *Decent = more than just edible, but don't expect to be amazed.

          Green Street Restaurant
          146 S Shopper's Lane, Pasadena, CA 91101

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          1. re: Will Owen

            Think you mean GS Tavern (Old Town), not GS Restaurant (off Lake), no? Anyway, I second the Tavern for drinks and above average eats. Been several times in the past few months and not disappointed (pork belly, scallops). Nothing super creative or risky, just solid gastropub-type fare, but now that I think of it, I wonder if dishes are slightly north of $20 (but still reasonable for the quality).

            Green Street Tavern
            69 W. Green Street, Pasadena, CA 91105

            1. re: cant talk...eating

              Emphatically not; I meant Green Street Restaurant. For one thing, I consider it a sacred duty to steer people the hell away from Old Town whenever possible, and only with great reluctance do I recommend anything to be found in that swarming mess. The other thing is that I do like Green Street Restaurant. Not as much as Mrs. O and most of our local friends do, perhaps, but it's pleasant and reliable, seldom really crowded and NEVER LOUD. If you are one of those people who can't enjoy yourself unless you can't hear yourself think, this is not for you.

              Green Street Restaurant
              146 S Shopper's Lane, Pasadena, CA 91101

              1. re: Will Owen

                Old Town's great! Where else can you pick something up at Banana Republic, grab dinner at Cheesecake Factory, then top it off w/ a Pinkberry?!

                Ok, well, that being said, the combination of a nice dinner cocktail with all/most entrees <20 is stumping me for some reason. Just looked at Parkway Grill's menu, and most things are in the $30s. Maybe Cafe Santorini? (also in Old Town). Heck, I might go for a burger at Houston's (cue Will Owen's head exploding).

                Cafe Santorini
                70 W Union St, Pasadena, CA 91103

                1. re: cant talk...eating

                  The good news is that Houston's is not in Old Town, may have one of the better burgers in the 'dena, and is better than nearly every restaurant there.
                  Yujean Kang is good yet hardly under $30, but most of the food in Old Town is aimed at the once a week/month/year visitor. Mostly chains or restaurants that think they are chains without the success.

                  1. re: carter

                    Nor shall Will Owen's head explode at the mention of Houston's, since he was a big fan of the original one (in Nashville, now dammit defunct).

          2. Smitty's has a good locals vibe, many entrees below $20, and either serves cocktails or the earth moves whenever I eat there. Not great but often very good food -- the kind that hits the spot when you want an urban bar and grill.