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Oct 1, 2010 01:51 PM

Covington, LA

Hello Everyone,

I am from Calgary, AB Canada and will be in Covington, LA for 3 days. Any suggestions on where I could get some decent grub? Looking for some true tastes of Louisiana and a place to go for sum beers & Crawdads! Also, any good smokehouses in around Covington where I could pick up some BBQ?

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  1. Crawfish are not in season, but you can always get dishes made with crawfish tails, but they may not be Louisiana crawfish.

    1. Go to Acme Oyster House for good fresh seafood. You won't find fresh crawfish but you will find crawfish dishes. Go to Sweet Daddy's or Jim's for BBQ. For beer drive E a few miles to Abita Springs to Abita Brew Pub. The seafood is outstanding as well as sandwiches. Abita Beer is made in Abita Springs and a tour is available if you desire. I know you have never had tamales so give them a try. Go to Mo's for outstanding tamales for lunch. For outstanding Louisiana cuisine go to New Orleans Food and Spirits. You can find cold beer there also. Go to Columbia Street Taproom and Grill for good bar food, cold beer and sports. You should find some cajun food with crawfish here also.

      Acme Oyster House @ 519 East Boston Street, Covington, LA 985 - 898 - 0667.
      Acme Oyster House @ 1202 N Highway 190, Covington, LA 985 - 246 - 6155.
      Sweet Daddy's BBQ @ 420 S. Tyler St., Covington, LA. 985 - 898 - 2166.
      Jim's Bar B Que @ 73658 Hwy. 25, Covington, LA. 985 - 809 - 0051.
      Abita Brew Pub @ 72011 Holly St., Abita Springs, LA. 985 - 892 - 5837. *
      Mo's Hot Tamale Cafe @ 415 N. Jefferson Ave. Covington, LA. 985 - 893 - 3544.
      New Orleans Food and Spirits @ 208 Lee Lane, Covington, LA 985 - 875 - 0432.
      Columbia Street Taproom and Grill @ 434 North Columbia Street, Covington, LA 985 - 898 - 0899.

      You should venture a few miles S of Covington, LA to Mandeville, LA for great seafood near Lake Pontchartrain. Mandeville, LA is a great town. The Head Coach of the New Orleans Saints lives there. Go to Mandina's for oustanding Louisiana creole Italian cuisine. Go to Rip's on the Lake for outstanding seafood for lunch or dinner overlooking Lake Pontchartrain. Go to Sweet Daddy's for more good BBQ. Go to Louie and the Red Headed Lady for outstanding breakfast, lunch or dinner open 7 days a week. Diners, Dives and Drive In's has been to see Louie. Get a crabmeat omelette, oyster po boy or all you can eat catfish for dinner. Go to Broken Egg Cafe for a great breakfast. Go to The Lake House for more great Louisiana seafood cuisine.

      Mandina's @ 4240 Louisiana 22, Mandeville, LA 985 - 674 - 9883.
      Rip's on the Lake @ 1917 Lakeshore Drive, Mandeville, LA 985 - 727 - 2829.
      Sweet Daddy's BBQ @ 2534 Florida St., Mandeville, LA. 985 - 626 - 0208.
      Louie and the Red Headed Lady @ 1851 Florida Street, Mandeville, LA 985 - 626 -8101.
      Broken Egg Cafe @ 200 Girod St, Mandeville, LA 985 - 231 - 7125.
      The Lakehouse @ 2025 Lakeshore Drive, Mandeville, LA 985 - 626 - 3006.

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          I flew to Calgary a few years ago and drove to Jasper and Banff. Wow the food was outstanding there. I wish I was back again. Have a nice trip to Louisiana.

      1. Ristorante del porto is great, although it's not Louisiana food.

        1. For po' boys you can't beat Bear's at 128 w. 21st Ave. in Covington. Friends who live in Covington introduced me to it and I make it a point to go back whenever I can. I heartily recommend both the shrimp and the roast beef. Try not to go at the height of the lunch hour because it's a busy, busy place.

          1. I agree with Del Porto (high end Italian), Abita Brew Pub and Louie's n da Red Head Lady.

            Most of the local seafood places are about equal. While Acme has the name I think Buster's in Covington proper is as good. If your around next weekend you can sit in on the HeinerBrau Octoberfest at the brewery down town.

            In Mandeville, besides Louie's, try Juniper for good "white tablecloth" LA cooking with some great seafood dishes. It's our current local special night out place. Pontchartrain po-boys is also very good in Mandeville. They are post Katrina transplants from da Parish and are packed at noon and early evening.

            For a great location get your local seafood at Morton's on the river in Madisonville. Several of the other little places in Madisonville also have good food. The nicest location is eating on the dock at Friends, but I also think they have the least desireable food.

            Del Porto Restaurant
            501 E Boston St, Covington, LA 70433

            Abita Brew Pub
            72011 Holly St, Abita Springs, LA 70420

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              Thank you everyone for all for your assistance!! Very, Very Helpful so far!