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Sep 27, 2005 05:39 PM

Pizza: West of the 405, when it is not Monday

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Is there any good pizza WEST of the 405?

Please do not answer if what you want to say is, "Are you kidding me, Bob, there's no good pizza WEST OF THE HUDSON RIVER!" That's pretty much how I feel, with a few exceptions:

I like Vincente on Monday's - but today ain't.
I like La Buca - but it ain't west of the 405.
Casa Bianca is good - but see above.
I've heard La Bottega might be good.
Any other ideas?

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  1. Antica is supposed to be good, I have never been. In the Marina area by Gelsons

    The pizza place on Abbott Kinney is good, dough is a little bagel like, but good toppings

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    1. re: Burger Boy

      those are good recommendations.
      Antica pizza is prepared in the traditional neopolitan style--that is, the crust is extremely thin. you will need to eat the pizza w/ a fork and knife because the crust is too thin to support the toppings.
      the chef, i believe, is actually a member of the pizza makers association in naples, italy.

      the other place you mention is Abbot's Pizza.
      it is a california style pizza, and, you're right, the dough is very much like bagel dough.
      if someone is only in the market for a NY or a Chicago style pizza, the odds are that they will never appreciate the beauty in the Abbot's Pizza offering. if you are open to something different, though, it is excellent.

      1. re: Burger Boy

        Yes ... Abbot Pizza on Abbot Kinney in Venice or on Pico and 18th in Santa Monica ... they're known for their bagel-style crust.

        Also, there is D'Amore's in Malibu off of PCH ... a bit more of a drive, but its surely worth it. Owned by a Bostonian who actually imports all of his ingredients AND his water from Boston to get his authetic taste.

        1. re: Rootdaddy

          There is another D'Amore's location on Broxton in Westwood.

        2. re: Burger Boy

          Antica is good, although I had some of the worst service I have ever had at any restaurant there not too long ago. Yet, I still went back because it was the only place open with decent food after a movie at the theater there. Abbot's pizza is pretty good, and Gjelina has some decent ones, if you don't mind VERY thin crust.

        3. Why is the first place only good on Mondays?

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          1. re: WaterIsGood

            I think they only make Pizza, in their wood-burning oven, on Monday's.

          2. A Happy Hour pie, (salad), and glass of wine always hit the spot (and not my wallet) for me at Le Vecchia on Main St. in S.M.

            1. My suggestion is actually slightly east of the 405. How about UGO on Pico between Veteran and Westwood? They have lovely, thin crust, Italian-style pizzas.

              1. Hi... Villa Italian makes very good pizza, on Sepulveda blvd. (405 is a block away). Been around for over 40 years. Only eat their pizza (similar to Casa Bianca's); their pasta is blah...

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                1. re: silence9

                  Frankie and Johnnie's on San Vicente is just west of the 405, and in my opnion, the best pizza in LA. Very east coast-esque, floppy slices, easy on the sauce, not too liberal with the cheese, which is something I never understood in such a health conscious city.

                  Very small hole in the wall place, so don't go looking to impress any dates, unless you're taking out.

                  1. re: wok sleuth

                    I love their pizzas, not too heavy w/ the cheese and sauce, and the toppings are very fresh. Their salads are great, too!

                  2. re: silence9

                    Except that I'm pretty sure they're closed on Mondays.