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Oct 1, 2010 01:38 PM

Marathon Carbo Load

I will be running the Marathon Nov 7th and need a place to carbo load on pasta on Saturday. I will be staying in the 52nd & Lexington Ave area although I am willing to take a subway ride. I am looking for a good size portion of basic pasta, nothing fancy with a plain marinara or meat sauce. Good bread is also a plus. I do want something that is authentic and homemade.

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    1. re: daffyduck

      I thought about Scarpetta's spaghetti but I am concerned about the portion size. I am wanting just pasta so I am not sure it would be big enough. I would hate to have to order two servings.

      355 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10014

      1. re: cubmstr

        try the polenta? for a double carb attack?

        1. re: cubmstr

          Scarpetta's spaghetti + their bread basket + dessert is actually a substantial meal. It's a healthy portion size of pasta.

          355 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10014

      2. you'd probably want to keep it relatively simple; whole wheat pasta preferably, with mostly veg for complex carbs. NYRR/ING does a pasta dinner the night before which, while not the best food, is probably the funnest in terms of atmosphere pre-race. are you coming from out of town to do the marathon?

        1. Sandro's is a good pick for a pre-race meal, relatively simple options but well-prepared.

          1. See this thread on Runners World Online


            Near where you are staying I'd recommend La Giocanda or Il Corso. Pre marathon is about quantity and simplicity. I eat at home... spaghetti, tomato and basil... Even if you weren't a chowhound I'd rfecommend you stay away from the official dinner... it sucks and it is full of foreigners....

            You should also check on Ess a bagel (50th and 3rd) for your breakfast to see if they open early enough. If not, get soemthe night before. Are you on the ferry or the bus to SI?

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            1. re: msny98

              what if OP is a foreigner? hahahahaha. I haven't been to that dinner but most pre-race pasta dinners are pretty bad in terms of food.

              I love how chowhound gets threads of this topic around marathon time, pretty cool. and, also plenty of other threads like, "I just ran the new york marathon, where should I pig out?"

              in fact, I might have even looked at those types of threads last year; msny98, you are running this year again?

              1. re: bigjeff

                I am guessing the OP is a outta towner but American (Maybe Canadian).. If he is a foreigner than he should go to the pasta dinner by all means

                And if he needs a place to pig out afterwards it is just a few days till 10/7 when Open table will show most of the rezzies for 11/7.

                Yes, I am in and we'll see how next weeks 22 miler goes and how my hamstring is acting. I have done many so am willing to listen to my body if it says spectate this year (and I'll set up in that mile before the 59th St bridge where my cohort will be able to find me to get choice of drinks and bananas, bagels etc... )