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Oct 1, 2010 12:08 PM

Good Italian, Moderately priced, within reach of 1-2-3 trains, good for kids 7-13

Hope the title spells it out but looking for good Italian (Northern or Sicilian preferred) that will not break the bank that my kids can enjoy. Was hoping for a place in Little Italy originally but disheartened to read some posts bashing LI joints as mediocre. Please help.

I should add we need to be able to walk in as a table of four on a Friday night, unless we can get a last minute reservation.

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  1. Le Zie, on 7th Avenue at 20th St.

    Le Zie
    172 7th Ave, New York, NY 10011

    1. Serafina (W 55th St) would be a good option. Solid Italian that's very affordable and simple enough for young kids to enjoy.

      Crispo (W 14th St) might also be an option. A bit nicer than Serafina, and you'd want to check the menu to see if there's enough stuff for your kids to choose from. More expensive than Serafina, but still pretty affordable.

      Both of these show reservations for 4 on Open Table. Both are near the 1 train.

      240 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011

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        Thanks ml77!
        We ate at Serafina. Great atmosphere for the kids. We love going to restaurants that give you crayons and you can write/draw on the paper tops over the tablecloths. Makes playing tic-tac-toe and hangman easy. Plus, they were playing some great 80s music- Yaz, Tears for Fears, Depeche Mode, etc. which brought me back. While not the Italian vibe you get from good Italian accordian music, made it a bit more upbeat. Decor was good too- not too dark but neat red glass that complemented the room nicely. Bar area was hopping.

        Service was good and friendly, although a little slow to fill the water glass.
        Food- very good. Bruschetta nice and fresh and ample tomato. My older daughter's pesto was creamy although lacking a bit of salt. Other daughter's pizza perfect for kids. I enjoyed my striped bass. Accompanying mussels were small and tender and flavorful; calamari well cooked and tender. Bass could have been cooked a bit more, but cooked enough so it was not fishy. Accompanied the meal with an easy house Sancerre- spicy notes.
        And to top it off, they gave us a sweet and creamy tiramisu on the house! Maybe not as liquory as tiramisu usually is, but a good enough finish that the kids enjoyed.
        Meals were portioned well, not too much food (pet peave as I hate waste) and priced moderately for Manhattan.
        I would definitely return to Serafina.

        1. re: madsdadus

          You're welcome, madsdadus! Happy to help, and glad you enjoyed it.

          Thanks for coming back to let us know how it was.