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Oct 1, 2010 10:49 AM

Full Service Caribbean Restaurant?

I'm looking for a casual restaurant that serves amazing jerk chicken and other Caribbean delights and offers full service (not just a counter with a few chairs, but actual servers). Any suggestions?

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  1. Real Jerk on Queen/Broadview...dont know if id call it amazing but IMO it's solid and is full service.

    1. Scarlet Ibis at UP and O'Connor is a good option. Its Guyanese so don't order Jerk Chicken, but Ive had nothing but tasty meals there in the past. Especially the Chinese-West Indian items are my favorite on the menu.

      As far as amazing Jerk chicken or Jamaican cooked food in general it doesn't exist in Toronto. So if you find any be sure to let me know.

      Scarlet Ibis
      1880 O'connor Dr, Toronto, ON M4A1W9, CA

      1. What neighbourhood are you looking to? I would assume downtown, but if you are willing to go out of "town" there is a place in Pickering on Brock Rd called Island Mix. The food there is good and there is a nice variety. The style leans a little bit more towards Trini/Guyanese cuisine then Jamaican so the jerk chicken is not my favorite thing there, but that is just me. Love the doubles and roti.
        This place is rather noisy though, especially on the weekend.

        Island Mix Restaurant & Lounge
        1050 Brock Rd, Pickering, ON L1W3X4, CA

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          I'm totally open to places outside of Toronto too. Is the Island Mix a bar/club as well? I'm looking for more traditional restos

          1. re: Wandering Fork

            Yes this place is a bar/club, to be honest I usually call ahead for take out. A lot of peole enjoy the lively atmosphere, I am just not use to it myself.

        2. Carribean Bistro on Yonge St north of Eglinton. I believe they are Trinidadian. Good food and an actual restaurant.