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Oct 1, 2010 10:41 AM

Kosher Catering Philadelphia

Can anyone recommended a kosher caterer who does nice affairs for about $100-$120 per person in the greater Philly area? I am looking for someone who can do a wedding of about 175-200 with a cocktail hour and dinner in that price range.


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    1. someone asked about kosher caterers recently -- search this board --
      i recommend Barclay -owner Steve Hellinger. I used them for 2 bar mitzvahs --guests commented on how delicious/modern the food was and he comes RIGHT in on budget

      1. Food Designs, Inc. did Shabbat dinner for my son's Bar Mitzvah 3 years ago (Jannette Axelrod) 215-284-7569. The food was excellent. I don't have current cost information, but at the time their prices were very reasonable compared to some of the other kosher caterers around. I would recommend them with enthusiasm.

        1. You might also want to post this request on the kosher board as well -

          1. I vote for both Max and Davids (did our RH dinners and they were amazing!) and Barclay (did my wedding 12 years ago and the food was just fabulous! I am always thrilled to go to a reception that they are catering) I belive Barclay will give you a bit more selection of items than Mand D, but either will serve simpy wonderful food and nice sized servings too.