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Kosher Catering Philadelphia

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Can anyone recommended a kosher caterer who does nice affairs for about $100-$120 per person in the greater Philly area? I am looking for someone who can do a wedding of about 175-200 with a cocktail hour and dinner in that price range.


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    1. someone asked about kosher caterers recently -- search this board --
      i recommend Barclay -owner Steve Hellinger. I used them for 2 bar mitzvahs --guests commented on how delicious/modern the food was and he comes RIGHT in on budget

      1. Food Designs, Inc. did Shabbat dinner for my son's Bar Mitzvah 3 years ago (Jannette Axelrod) 215-284-7569. The food was excellent. I don't have current cost information, but at the time their prices were very reasonable compared to some of the other kosher caterers around. I would recommend them with enthusiasm.

        1. You might also want to post this request on the kosher board as well -

          1. I vote for both Max and Davids (did our RH dinners and they were amazing!) and Barclay (did my wedding 12 years ago and the food was just fabulous! I am always thrilled to go to a reception that they are catering) I belive Barclay will give you a bit more selection of items than Mand D, but either will serve simpy wonderful food and nice sized servings too.

            1. Betty the Caterer, Provence , Young Israel in Elkins Park has an in house caterer who will works outside. Max and David's is a restaurant in EP, good food. check kosher board.

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                Betty SUCKS! At the Phillies very first Jewsih Heritage Night 3 years ago Betty did the "food" It was HORRIBLE! He hot dogs were BURNED to a crisp, the desserts were pasteries in bags that had HANNUKAH stickers on thema nd looked like they had been left over from the Hannukah the year before, the kinishes had that "we have sat in the deep freeze too long" taste.Compair that to this years food done by Max and Davids. it was so good (both brisket sandwhich and the veggie burgers) that my husband and I BOTH went back for seconds) Sure we spent way too much on stadium food and we were so stuffed that we could barely walk out of the park, but it was so worth it! The food was so good that I not only called M and D after to compliment them, but I called the phillies and BEGGED them to bring in M and D for a Kosher vendor next year. After the BTC disaster I called the Phillies and begged them to find another vendor, Yeah it was THAT bad. :(

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                  M&D did the most recent Jewish night at the park, so maybe they listened to you.

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                    I hope they did, :) I have NEVER EVER eatten so much at ANY game, EVER! I ate TWO LARGE vegie burgers that night (topped with Israeli salad and hummas) and if (please!) Max and Davids is there full time next season I will prob starve myself game days so I can eat two veggie burgers again! Yes they were THAT good!